Top 14 Best Above Ground Pools 2020 Reviews

Welcome to Best Above Ground Pools Reviews feature. Above ground, pools are the best option for those who are looking for a way to get all the advantages of the swimming pool without the large costs of an in-ground pool installation. They are an ideal refreshing respite from summer day, kids to splash around in, some quick activity for adults and fun activity for dogs.

Choosing the best above ground swimming pool can be a challenging task. Here in this buying guide for above ground pools, I will give you the information you need to help you make the best choice to suit your needs as an individual or a family. We are here to help you choose the right one for your requirements, some of which you can get for under $500. See our recommendations Best Robotic Pool Cleaners and Best Pool Slides.

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Best Above Ground Pools

Below are the Best Above Ground Pools to buy in 2020.

#Bestway Steel Pro 157 x 83 x 32 Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool

This above-ground swimming pool from Bestway provides a large swimming space and sturdy exterior.  It comes with a corrosion-resistant steel frame.

This rectangular pool is made from 3 separate layers of material. The inner layer of polyester mesh is laminated to provide a soft surface while 2 outer layers are heavy gauge PVC, ensuring this swimming pool is protected from the elements and it can provide many summers of fun for you and your family.

This above ground pool can hold 1506 gallons. The shallow depth of this swimming pool makes it safe for kids, while it is easy set-up and requires no tools.

Bestway Steel Pro 13' x 7' x 32' Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool (Pool Only)


  • Corrosion-resistant metal frames
  • 3 separate layers of material
  • Heavy-duty PVC
  • PVC sidewalls
  • Built-in flow control drain valve
  • No Tools Required
  • Water capacity: 1506 gallons(90%)

  • Looks great.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Great pool for the family.

  • No cons.

#Summer Waves 12′ x 33″ Above Ground Pool

If you are looking for round above ground pool then summer waves is the perfect choice for you. This swimming pool measures 12 feet in diameter and 2.75 feet deep. It can hold water up to 1,900-gallons.

It comes with an SFX6000 filter pump system which guarantees your pool will be filled with clean water for the complete season. This above ground pool includes a pool cover, ground cloth ladder, and even a deluxe maintenance kit.

You can easily put it outside your home at the backyard and make sure the surface will not be sand, mold or with any soft object. Once you have the outside shell setup you just want to add the water and let the fun begin!

Summer Waves 12ft x 33in Round Above Ground Outdoor Frame Swimming Pool with Filter Pump


  • Size: 12’ x 33“
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame
  • SFX6000 Filter Pump
  • Heavy-gauge PVC material
  • Rapid installation
  • Round pool
  • Water capacity: 1900 gallons

  • Great pool for small backyard.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Great quality.

  • No cons.

#Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool

This Intex 12′ x 30″ Pool provides more space and features than other similar models. This is a well-sized pool for small families to relax and enjoy the summer. The pool kit comes with many add-ons that make maintenance a hassle-free experience.

It comes with a strong steel frame which is powder-coated for rust resistance. It has sturdy laminated PVC sidewalls. Its Krystal clear cartridge filter pump keeps the water clean. The ground fault circuit interrupter shuts off the system if a current is exposed to water.

This pool can hold 1718 gallons. It comes with the dual suction outlet for better water circulation. You place the pool on a leveled surface. Avoid setting up on mud, sand or any soft conditions.

Installation is easy and quick using the included DVD and manual. Overall, this pool will entertain your summertime pool needs and is an excellent addition to your backyard.

Intex 12' x 30' Metal Frame Pool with Filter Pump


  • Durable steel frames
  • PVC sidewalls
  • The ground fault circuit interrupter
  • Krystal clear cartridge filter pump
  • Dual suction outlet fittings
  • Water capacity: 1718 gallons(90%)
  • Available in different sizes

  • Easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Great pool for money.
  • No other equipment required.

  • Doesn’t include pool cover.

#Lake Effect Galeria Round Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Lake Effect Galeria 30 foot round pool is an exceptional above ground swimming pool. It has strong galvanized steel walls, coated with strong resin on both sides for added durability of the swimming pool.

The bedrock pattern 25 gauge vinyl liner is hand folded, so it does not crease, and has superb pebble and shell prints on it for more authentic feel. It has an elegant sunlight pattern to make the pool looks like it glistens under the sun every time.

It comes with the wide-mouth skimmer, but you’ll need to add the filter pump to keep the water clean. This above ground pool can hold water up to 20,000 gallons. The wall height is 52 inches. There is a total of 20 verticals to stabilize it.

Lake Effect Galeria 30 Foot Round Above Ground Swimming Pool | 52 Inch Height | Resin Protected Steel-Sided Walls | Bundle with Bedrock Pattern 25 Gauge Overlap Liner and Widemouth Skimmer


  • Metal wall construction coated with resin
  • 30’ round pool size
  • Gallons of Water: 18,000 – 20,000
  • Wall Height: 52”
  • 25 Gauge Bedrock
  • Widemouth Skimmer
  • Number of Verticals: 20

  • Easy to put up.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Perfect for swimming and pool parties.

  • Expensive.

#Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set

Intex Ultra Frame pools are ideal for large sized families. The pool is supported by durable Steel frames which is powder-coated for rust resistance. The Frame also boasts puncture-resistant material.

Measuring 24′ x 12′ x 52″  in depth, this pool can hold up to 8,403 gallons. Its filter pump keeps the water clean. The ladder provides greater support and stability. It features dual suction outlet for better water circulation.

It comes with basic items including a cover, ground cloth, a ladder, and filtration pump. It also comes with setup and maintenance DVD. Overall this pool is the best bet if you are on a budget and want to relax the full-sized swimming pool in your backyard.

Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover


  • Strong steel frames
  • Krystal clear cartridge filter pump
  • Newly designed ladder
  • Dual suction outlet fittings
  • Water capacity:8, 403 gallons(90%)
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Pool cover & ground cloth included
  • Set-up and maintenance DVD
  • Ready in 60 minutes

  • Easy setup.
  • Improved water clarity.
  • Well made.

  • Cover is small.

#Intex 15ft X 42in Prism Frame Pool

This pool has everything you need to relax and play on those hot summer days.  Its 15 feet in width & 42 inches in length. The frame has strong powder-coated steel tubing so it is rust resistant.

The liner has puncture resistant which makes it long lasting and design of the liner is stylish. It features Hydro aeration technology for better circulation. The flow rate of the filter pump is 1,000 gallons per hour.

The water capacity of this pool is 3,861 gallons. It comes with a ground cloth, filter pump, a ladder, and a pool cover. It also offers an instructional DVD to help you set up and maintain your pool.

Highly recommended for its quality and price.

Intex 15ft X 42in Prism Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover


  • Prism frame pool
  • 110-120V cartridge filter pump
  • Hydro aeration technology
  • Flow Rate : 1,000 gallons per hour
  • Water capacity:3,861 gallons(90%)
  • Pool cover, pool ladder & ground cloth included
  • Instructional DVD is included
  • Ready in 30 minutes

  • Easy to set up.
  • High quality.
  • Well made.

  • Needs more powerful filter

#Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Pool Set

This is one of the easiest pools to install on the market. With its tough laminated PVC sidewalls, it is made to last through years of family fun. The convenient drain plug enables the water to be drained efficiently.

This above ground pool Set holds 5, 455 gallons. It has dual suction fittings which improve water circulation and produces better water hygiene and clarity. The powerful 1500 GPH(110-120V) cartridge filter pump makes it a perfect choice for larger families or even parties.

It features the ground fault interrupter for safety.  It comes with a ground cloth, ladder, filter pump, and a pool cover. This pool is available in five different sizes.
You’ve to wait 30 minutes to get the pool ready. Overall this pool is the best for the money.
Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover


  • PVC sidewalls
  • Convenient drain plug
  • The ground fault circuit interrupter
  • 1, 500 GPH (110-120V) filter pump
  • Dual suction outlet fittings
  • Water capacity:  5, 455 gallons(80%)
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Ready in 30 minutes
  • Number Of User – 8 or more

  • Easy to install.
  • Inexpensive price.
  • Works well.

  • Pool cover is flimsy.

#Bestway 9’10” x 6’6″ x 33″ Oval Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

This above ground swimming pool is perfect for small families. It is made of a polyester mesh core with 3-ply reinforced material. The tube framing is made of  strong steel.

It comes with a 330 GPH pump. The water capacity of this swimming pool is 969 gallons(90%). The height of the swimming pool makes it perfect for your kids.

It is easy to set up. The pool doesn’t come with a cover. Overall, the oval shape makes it perfect for smaller, rectangular backyards.

Bestway Power Steel Oval Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool (9'10' x 6'6' x 33')


  • 3-ply reinforced material
  • Conveniently sized
  • 330 GPH filter pump
  • Water capacity: 969 gallons(90%)
  • Ideal for small yards

  • Easy to set up.
  • Great quality.
  • Perfect for kids.

  • Does not come with the cover.

#Summer Waves 8′ Metal Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

At 8 feet in diameter, it is just big enough for your kids to splash around and cool off on those summer days. It comes with a durable metal frame with the filter system.

This pool also comes with SFS350 SkimmerPlus Filter Pump(110/120V) with GFCI & D type filter cartridge. Despite the small size, it takes a little while to set it up. The water can be ready for around 30 minutes.

It can hold 801 gallons of water. It is ideal for kids 6+. This isn’t made for unlevel ground. This pool is sturdy and can last for a long time to come.

Summer Waves Active 8ft x 30in Round Frame Above Ground Outdoor Swimming Pool with Filter Pump


  • Metal frame
  • Included filter system
  • SFS350 SkimmerPlus 110/120V Filter Pump
  • GFCI and D type filter cartridge
  • Ready in 30 minutes
  • Water capacity:801 gallons
  • Ideal for ages 6+

  • Easy to install.
  • Great customer service.
  • Sturdy.

  •  A pump is small.

#Intex 26′ x 52″ Ultra Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

This above-ground swimming pool is 26 feet in diameter and 4 feet tall. It is made of laminated PVC siding with 3 separate material layers for durability and strength. It comes with a durable powder-coated steel frame.

This above ground pool comes with a powerful Krystal Clear 120 volt 2100 gallon per hour filter pump which keeps your pool clean for countless hours.

This pool includes a cartridge filter pump,  ladder, maintenance kit, pool debris cover, and ground cloth.

Intex 26' x 52' Ultra Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with Pump and Ladder


  • 26 feet in diameter and 4 feet tall
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • PVC siding with 3 separate material layers
  • 2,100 gallons per hour
  • Pool cover, ladder & ground cloth included

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Includes Maintenance Kit.
  • Sturdy.

  • No cons.

#Summer Waves Elite 16′ x 48″ Above Ground Pool

This round above ground pool is 16 feet in width & 48 inches in length. It has a metal frame that ensures your pool will stand up to heavy use. It has PVC designs. It features a 1500 gallon filter pump system which assure that pool will be filled with clean water for the full season.

It can handle up to 5,246 gallons of water. It includes the ladder, ground cloth, filter pump, pool cover, and deluxe maintenance kit. You have to wait 45 minutes to get the pool ready.

This swimming pool is available in brown and grey colors. This pool has enough space to relax your summer days.

Summer Waves 16ft x 48in Elite Wicker Print Above Ground Frame Pool Set w/Pump


  • 16 foot by 48 inch
  • Metal frame
  • PVC design
  • 1,500 gallon filter pump system
  • Pool cover, ladder & ground cloth included
  • Ready in 45 minutes
  • Water capacity:871 gallons(90%)

  • Easy assembly.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • High quality.

  •   Require heavier pool cover.

#Bestway 118 x 79 x 26 Inch Deluxe Splash Pool

The rectangular Deluxe Splash Pool is an ideal size for smaller spaces. It is made of a sturdy, rust-resistant metal frame with 3-ply polyester mesh inner lining.  It has a built-in flow control valve for easy draining.

It has reinforced tape wraps around bottom of the splash pool liner which keeps its legs completely stable. It can hold 871 gallons(90%) of water.

It is easy to assemble and takes around 20 minutes. This pool is best suited for a level surface outdoors and it fits in modest yards.  It doesn’t come with a filter. There is no ladder included.

Overall, this above ground swimming pool is large enough to fit for small families and children.

Bestway 56498 Deluxe Splash 9.8' x 6.7' x 26' Kids Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool (Pool Only)


  • Rust-resistant metal frame
  • 3-ply polyester mesh inner lining
  • Fits in more modest yards
  • Flow control drain valve
  • Weighing 43 pounds
  • Water capacity:871 gallons(90%)

  • Easy set up.
  • Completely safe.
  • Sturdy.

  •  No cons.

#Intex 18ft X 10ft X 42in Oval Frame Pool Set 

If you have a long narrow backyard,this pool set is a wonderful solution. The powder coating of steel assure that it is rust resistance. Its Krystal clear cartridge filter pump keeps the water clean.

The drain plug allows the water to be drained efficiently. It can handle up to 2, 885(80%) gallons of water. This pool includes filter pump with 1000 GPH (110-120V), ground cloth, ladder, pool, cover.

Installation is an easy process as the pool arrives with a DVD manual. This pool offers enough space to a family of four. It is perfect for laps and volleyball games.

Avoid place on sand or any soft conditions. You have to wait 30 minutes to get the pool ready.

Intex 18ft X 10ft X 42in Oval Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover


  • Durable steel frames
  • Convenient drain plug
  • Krystal clear cartridge filter pump
  • PVC sidewalls
  • Water capacity:2, 885 gallons(80%)
  • Ladder,Pool cover & ground cloth included
  • Set-up and maintenance DVD
  • Ready in 30 minutes
  • Age – 6 plus years

  • Great pool for family fun.
  • Looks great.
  • Good quality.

  • Flimsy ladder.

#Cornelius Phoenix 21′ x 52″Above Ground Swimming Pool

The cornelius above ground swimming pool is great choice due to it’s upgraded pump size and flow rate. The frame is made from durable steel. The pool’s wall are made from galvanized steel that is rust-free.

It features a filter which is important in keeping the water clean and healthy. The filter has a pumping capacity of 2,400 gallons per hour. It comes with a skimmer.

The kit includes ladder, pool liner, pool net, and a spring chemical kit. The pool liner fits mostly 48 and 52-inch pools. This is a non-salt pool.

This pool is easy to install and maintain. Overall this is a great family pool for this summer.

Cornelius Phoenix 21' x 52' Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Kit with Pump, Ladder


  • Steel construction
  • 52 inches deep
  • Rust free galvanized walls
  • 40 GPM pump
  • Pumping capacity is 2,400 gallons per hour
  • Ladder, Skimmer & Chemical kit included
  • 21-foot pool liner
  • Easy to assemble

  • Great quality.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Stylish design.

  • No cons.

Benefits Of Above Ground Pools

Cost: One of the biggest advantages of choosing an above-ground pool is cost. Above-ground pools are an excellent option for families that are purchasing on a budget. While the price of in-ground pools can vary anywhere between $10,000 to upwards of $60,000, you can buy an above-ground pool for as little as $100 for the family.

Portability: Above-ground pools are portable. Above ground, pools are portable enough to accompany you anywhere you go. This means that you will not have to leave behind the big investment. All you have to do is empty, clean, and fold them and take with you anywhere you go.

Ease of installation and maintenance: You will have to get help from a specific construction agency that could cost thousands of dollars and many days to construct an indoor pool. You can install your above ground pool yourself in just a few hours. Also, you will require professional services to maintain an in-ground pool, which isn’t the case when you own an above ground pool. 

Types Of Above Ground Pools

There are mainly five types of above ground pools and and they range immensely in terms of durability, price and functionality.

Hybrid: Hybrid above ground pool is a combination of steel and resin. It has most of the features of a resin pool and strength of a steel pool. It provides effectiveness and durability over the years. The best hybrid pool offers real circle top ledges and contoured resin part that allow for a more modern look.

Resin: The resin pools have been greatly improved in terms of cost, salt applications, resin materials, and versatility. The High-quality resin pools are constructed from Synflex resin while the rest are constructed from lower quality grade resin. Resin above ground pool is ideal for saltwater sanitation applications.

Semi in ground: This is an above-ground pool which is buried halfway into the ground.  It is made of a ¼-inch dense tongue and groove aluminum which slide together making pool wall durable and stronger. An interesting feature of this pool is that it has salt water sanitation system. If your backyard has a slope, then this pool can be a great option.

Aluminum: These above-ground pools are made from a continuous sheet of aluminum including all the components and walls. This type of pool is ideal for salt water sanitation system as it doesn’t rust. Rolled aluminum is very durable. This pool is less expensive than semi-in-ground pools.

Steel: Above-ground pool is made of steel are the preferred choice for most pool installers. Steel above ground pools is fit for user who wants to have a large swimming pool but on a tight budget. The above-ground steel pool is built to last. This type of pools are easy to install and cost-effective.

Buying Guide: Best Above Ground Pool

Here are some of the things that must be considered to assure that you make the best choice possible.

Size: The first thing to think is your pool’s size. How small or big your above ground pool should be? The answer is it’s good to think about how many people will be using it. If you are buying a pool for your 2-3 children, your size requirements will be various from someone buying a pool for the family. You make sure to buy the swimming pool that will fit your needs.

Shape: The size matters more than shape. Most above-ground pools come in three shapes; circle, rectangle, and oval. Rectangle pools are better for lap swimming whereas and circle pools are just a blast to be in.

Brand: It is always good to go with a reputable brand when it comes to buying above-ground pools. The reputable brand provides a much better warranty and support than a non-reputable brand. The popular brand will cost more, but it will pay off in the long run, specially if you encounter some problem with the pool.

Material: Above ground pools use a lot of various materials for their construction. It can be made of materials such as  soft vinyl, aluminum, PVC, stainless steel, and resin. The quality material would mean fewer repairs and less maintenance which would lead to much greater cost savings in the long-run.

Safety: Above ground pools are safer especially for children, dogs, small pets. Removing the ladder after use enough to ensure that no child would be able to go into the pool without your permission.

Water Capacity: If you have a big family or lots of friends, you may consider a pool with 90% capacity. Small sized above ground pool usually have 80% water capacity. Also, it is important to ensure how many gallons of water the swimming pool can accommodate.

Add-ons or Accessories: There are some things you might think of upgrading when you have everything figured out. Add-ons such as filter pumps, covers, pool ladder, and ground cloths are essential components of above ground pools if purchased separately can often cost a lot more.

Price: This factor plays an important role in any buying decision. With so many brands, selecting an above-ground pool that have all the right elements you want can significantly help in the price comparison. With options and brand selecting an above-ground pool which possess all the right elements you want could help in comparing the price. Matching those benefits with other available choices can lead to the best buying decisions.

FAQs Of Above Ground Pools

When to buy an above ground pool?

The perfect time to buy your pool is off-season, which is fall. You will get your favorite pool for a lower price as stores want to clear the inventory.

What is ideal depth of above ground pools?

The ideal depth depends on who will use the pool, i.e. children and adults. The above-ground pools can be 36, 48, 52, and 54 inches deep.

What is the best time to set up/open the above ground pool?

Open your pool when the temperature is at least 60 degrees or higher.

When to close the ground pool? 

When the temperature stays below 60 for 3 days in a row.

When should I replace the liner of above ground pool?

Either after 4-9 years or as soon as you find a leak.


Above-ground pools are the perfect choice for new pool owners as it is more cost effective and easy to install. The many options available means that you can get the above-ground pool that suits any budget and any specification. All the above-ground pools reviewed in this feature are of the great quality and unmatched in terms of cost and benefits. We hope the above list of the Best Above Ground Pools reviews and guide have been helpful for you!

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