Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022 Reviews

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Welcome to Best Artificial Christmas Trees Reviews Feature. Don’t you think it is time to get the Christmas tree to decorate your houses, shops, malls, cafes, stores, and so on? Well, it is always necessary to decorate our place with Christmas tree, lights, and other things to welcome this upcoming “Merry Christmas”.

Among all, let me introduce you to the artificial Christmas trees for you to recognize if need something durable and last longer than the real natural tree plant. These artificial Christmas trees will add beauty to your home or shop without any problem that the real trees give off. These artificial Christmas trees have been designed to make our decorative work much more comfortable. We have listed some of the best artificial Christmas trees with their important features. Check them out! Also, read Best Fiber Optic Christmas TreeBest White Christmas Trees and Best Flocked Christmas Tree.

5 Benefits Of Artificial Christmas Trees

Transportation: Artificial Christmas trees are almost light versus their size, larger trees break down into separate parts for storage, and the trees are packed, all of which make transporting them home an easy task. Once they are home, they can easily be packed away in the garage or cupboard after Christmas for use in future years.

Ease Of Decoration: The balance of an artificial tree makes hanging decorations easy, and you can get your hands on a Christmas tree fitted with lights. Adding lights is the hardest task when decorating, particularly if you’re working in a confined space.  If space is tight, then prefer a tall, narrow artificial Christmas tree will take up less space and can be easily walked around to decorate.

Hypoallergic: Artificial Christmas trees are less likely to trigger allergic responses in sensitive family members than live trees, whose branches and foliage usually house dust and mold. Artificial trees are a safer bet if you have asthma and allergy patients in your household.

Safety: Artificial Christmas trees are constructed from fire-retardant materials, making them a safer option for your home. Whatever tree you take, it should be kept away from open flames, and the lights switched off when the Christmas tree is to be left unattended.

Cost: Artificial Christmas trees can be used repeatedly years, making that first investment a great money saver over time. Depending on which style you want, an artificial tree can cost less than a real one. If you are trying to minimize the economic impact of the festival season, then an artificial Christmas tree will surely help.

New Arrivals

Best Seller Products

SaleBestseller No. 4
National Tree Company 'Feel Real' Artificial Christmas Tree | Downswept Douglas Fir - 7.5 ft
SIMPLE SETUP AND STORAGE: Convenient hinged branches allow for easy setup and disassembly.
$469.99 −$189.00 $280.99
SaleBestseller No. 5
National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Stand | Dunhill Fir - 9 ft
SIMPLE SETUP AND STORAGE: Convenient hinged branches allow for easy setup and disassembly.
$579.99 −$231.24 $348.75
SaleBestseller No. 7

Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Below is the list of Best Artifical Christmas Trees to buy in 2022.

#7.5ft Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

The 7.5 feet hinged tree comes with the easy-to-fluff branches. These elements are covered in 1,346 tips to make them look full genuine spruce tree.

Also, it contains the classic shape that looks timeless in just about any setting. The buyers love how easy it is to assemble the three-piece tree.

Several were doubtful to invest in an artificial online option, but once they put any effort into plumping out the branches, they were blown away by quality and design of it. Consider it the best option to go with if you need a standard tree you can completely deck out for the holidays.7.5ft Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree - Best Overall

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  • 7.5 feet
  • 1346 tips
  • Three hinged sections to allow for easy assembling and storing
  • Material: PVC, metal
  • flame-retardant
  • weight: 30 lbs
  • Sturdy foldable steel stand

  • Nice quality.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Nice looking tree.

#Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree

This artificial Christmas tree from Goplus comes in different sizes like 6,7,7.5 and 9 feet. The artificial tree looks real and has a full anti-crush design. It has eco-friendly construction of PVC material.

This artificial Christmas tree comes with 1000 branch tips. It has a metal stand that provides the tree with preventing and greater support. It is decorated with pinecones and berries even smell like pine.

Once you remove the Christmas tree from the box, the branches drop to the desired place and close for storage automatically. Overall, this artificial Christmas tree is ideal for indoor decoration at Christmas.

Goplus 6ft Artificial Christmas Tree, Unlit Premium Hinged Spruce Xmas Tree with Solid Metal Stand, for Outdoor and Indoor Decor


  • Height: 6 /7/ 7.5 / 9(FT)
  • Material: PVC + Iron
  • Sturdy metal stand
  • Number of Tips: 1000 / 1346 / 2132
  • Hinged branches
  • Color: Green

  • Easy setup.
  • Great quality.
  • Great color.

#National Tree Company Pre-lit 7.5 Feet Artificial Christmas Tree

If you’re searching for something that can create a positive vibe at your home this festive season, opt for this Christmas season without giving it a second thought. It is inclusive of pre-strung multi-colored lights. It boasts of the hinged branch construction, which adds to the elegance of your home for the holiday cheer.

The branches of the tree are known to be pre-attached on the pole’s center via a hinge system. Here, every branch is lowered in the position for preparing final shaping. The decor of this tree includes non-allergenic and fire-resistant material. Hence, it is a wonderful choice for your home.

Featuring 58 inches diameter at the base, it involves metal tree stand. On top of this, it comes to you in a reusable storage carton package and different assembly instructions.

National Tree Company Pre-lit 7.5 Feet Artificial Christmas Tree


  • 7.5 ft. Tall
  • Hinged branch construction
  • Pre-strung multi-colored lights
  • Metal tree stand
  • Hinge system
  • Fire-resistant and non-allergenic

  • Beautiful.
  • Non-allergic.
  • Great price.

#National Tree Company 12 feet Artificial Christmas Tree

Speaking of the design, this artificial Christmas tree has drawn the attention of several users with the ultra-realistic features. It has reached up to the level of the best seller products with the presence of the 7,794 crafted branch tips which enhance the charm of your home. Because of the comfortable hinged branches, assembling and setting this Christmas tree has become a piece of cake.

A notable feature that has let users buy it over the competitors is the sturdy metal base. The time tested needles of this artificial Christmas tree are non-allergenic and resistant to fire. With 80 inches diameter at the tree’s base and 12 ft in height, it takes the full and most lush form.

You don’t need to spend hours on decoration during the festive season anymore, as you will be capable of shaping the tree with a duration of 90-120 minutes. The friendly customer service executives are available round the clock to serve your needs. It has a warranty of about 5 years, and thus you will be capable of using it for decorating it season after season.

National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree


  • 12 feet tall
  • 7,794 branch tips
  • Comfortable hinged branches
  • Sturdy metal base
  • Time tested needles
  • 5-year warranty

  • Authentic looks.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Good for small space.

#CHEERSON 7.5 ft Artificial Christmas Tree

It is a popular Christmas tree of 7.5 ft, which brings you the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season without any challenges. You can now enjoy the festivals to the fullest without the need to bother about the mess and fuss, which are associated with keeping the traditional trees. You, however, need to keep in mind that it is not meant for outdoor usage.

You will be capable of assembling the brand within about a few minutes. Because of the convenient sizing, this tree will live in different indoor areas. You can be assured that this Christmas tree will look great in the dining room, living room, and any other room. It has a weight capacity of 18 pounds and is available in green color.

With a full fluffed boat and 1346 branch tips, it has sufficient space so that you will enjoy the holly-jolly feel. After going through hundreds of reviews, it can be confidently said that this product is made of about 1,000 branch tips. You will like the real look and feel of this model.

Some consumers deal with this item over the regular Christmas trees as it is composed of metal stand and features PVC material construction. Hence, you can consider it to be a wonderful choice for an indoor presentation. You require connecting the metal stand and branches, after which you can fluff the branches out so that the trees have a lifelike and full look.

Weighing about 30 pounds and 7.5 ft tall height, it makes your dream Christmas come true. The metal tree stand provides a sturdy look and does not get tipped over easily. Owing to the hinged construction and artificial spruce branches, you will be capable of using it for several years to come.

CHEERSON 7.5 ft Premium Christmas Tree


  •  7.5-foot Christmas tree
  • PVC material construction
  • Metal stand
  • 1000 branch tips
  • Artificial spruce branches

  • Lightweight.
  • Looks great.
  • Easy to store.

#6.5 feet Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

The Balsam Hill Classic artificial Christmas trees are known for lively creation to mimic the real tree. This artificial Christmas tree is created to add warmth and cheer to your holiday celebrations.

It comes with the balsam hill perfect artificial tree which has beautiful lights on it. It looks classic and charming for Christmas celebration.

It composed of 2,144 branch tips & 700 hand-strung clear lights. This artificial Christmas tree features the full profile with sleek, multi-toned PVC Classic Needle foliage.

It comes with nice elegant appearance to stand in your home to welcome the upcoming Christmas Eve. This Christmas tree is available in a wide range of size and style.6.5 feet Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

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  • 6.5 feet  by 53-inch
  • It Features PVC Classic Needles for fullness
  • 2,144 branch tips
  • 700 hand-strung clear lights
  •  3-Year Limited Warranty

  • Full and natural looking tree.
  • Looks great.
  • Easy to put up.

#Puleo International 7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

This is a 7.5-foot pre-lit artificial Christmas tree famous for its quality and value. The branches crafted with 1319 tips. It measures 7. 5-Foot High x 58 Inch Diameter.

This artificial Christmas tree comes with 700 UL-listed lights. What’s more, is that it comes with a metal stand that features a sturdy base. Assembling is easy since it only requires you to fix the parts and decorate it the way you like it.

It is backed by a 5-year warranty on tree and 2-year on lights. Overall, this Pre-Lit Aspen Fir artificial Christmas tree light up any room in home.

Puleo International 7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Aspen Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 700 UL Listed Clear Lights Green


  • Measures 7. 5-Foot High x 58 Inch Diameter
  • 1, 319 branch tips
  • 700 clear integrated light bulbs
  • Metal stand
  • 5-year warranty

  • Easy setup.
  • Great quality.
  • Affordable.

#7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Christmas Tree Artificial – Best for Heavy Ornaments

When you have got heavy decorating to do, this Carolina Pine from National Tree is down for the job. This tree is no lightweight it coming in at 59 pounds, but that means it is sturdy and strong enough to hold all your trimmings.

With pine cones in the branches, this tree is ideal for those who need a change in their trees as they may be tired from the simple decorations. The pine cones look beautiful when the lights are turned on, and it gives the scenery of the woods with many vibrant colors and shades.

It is pre-strung with 750 clear lights. It comes together with metal hinges, and it is both fire-resistant and non-allergenic. 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Christmas Tree Artificial - Best for Heavy Ornaments

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  • 7.5 feet tall and 59 inches in diameter
  • 750 UL listed clear lights
  • Sturdy metal tree stand
  • Fire resistant and non-allergenic
  • Hinged branch construction

  • Realistic looking.
  • Good quality.
  • Easy to set up.

#7.5 Foot Downswept Douglas Fir Tree – Best Artificial Christmas Tree from National Tree

The tree measures 7.5-feet tall and are 59 inches in diameter. It is a beautiful tree with lifelike structure and lovely presence.

This Douglas tree features FEEL-REAL branch tips that are molded from actual tree branches. It comes with the fire-resistant and non-allergenic.

It’s hinged construction and included sturdy metal stand add to ease of assembly. This tree is also available in 7 feet size.7.5 Foot Downswept Douglas Fir Tree - Best Artificial Christmas Tree from National Tree

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  • 7.5 ft. tall and 59 inches in diameter
  • ‘Feel Real’ Branch Tips
  • Hinged construction
  • Fire resistant and non-allergenic
  • Sturdy folding tree stand

  • The branches are realistic.
  • Great quality.
  • Beautiful full tree.

#Nearly Natural 3-Feet Christmas Tree – Best for small spaces

Space is limited does not mean you can not still put up a Christmas tree that will make a big, festive splash. It stands just 3 feet high and 21 inches wide, so it can fit perfectly in a small corner or even on the tabletop. It is also a great tree to put in a kid’s bedroom.

This Christmas tree is made of more than 130 faux pine tips and also peppered with pine cones for rustic feel so realistic people might just mistake it for a real one. It is already decked out with lights 100 of them, to be specific—so you do not have to worry about stringing them. Just plug in and watch it glow.

The lights are designed so that if one goes out, the rest of them keeping on working. Nearly Natural 3-Feet Christmas Tree - Best for small spaces

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  • 3 feet high
  • 21 inches wide
  • Lights stay on if one goes out
  • 100 clear lights

  • Looks and feels real.
  • Classy little tree.

#Perfect Holiday 8-Feet Christmas Tree PVC Crystal White – Best Silver

Dreaming of white Christmas? Now is your chance to ensure you have got some white on Christmas Day with the 8-foot tree.  A heavy-duty metal stand guarantees it stays upright and safe all December long, while the hinged branches make for easy setup and storage.

With 1150 PVC tips you will be sure to have a full tree. For an extra-stylized touch, hang one color of ornaments this year for a super trendy and fashion forward tree you will remember for years to come.Perfect Holiday 8-Feet Christmas Tree PVC Crystal White - Best Silver

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  • 8 ft. tall
  • 1150 PVC tips
  • Heavy duty metal stand
  • Hinged branches for easy storage

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Pretty lightweight.

#7.5ft Pre-Lit Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

The artificial Christmas trees from Best Choice Product are also admitted as the beautiful tree to the décor for Christmas. This artificial Christmas tree is a standard place for the keeping of Christmas gifts and packages.

There is plenty of room for ornament decoration with 1346 branch tips and holly-jolly holiday glow with 550 pre-strung lights. This Christmas tree is easy to set and assembled.

The tree measures 7.5-feet tall. Tree’s body separates into three different metal-hinged sections to allow for easy assembling, storing, and dismantling7.5ft Pre-Lit Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

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  • 7.5 ft. tall
  • 1346 branch tips
  • 550 clear-lights
  • Foldable Stand

  • Looks gorgeous.
  • Good quality.
  • Easy to set up.

#6ft Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree – Best Budget

It is backed by an eye-catching design, and even better price point, this 8-foot stunner earns top marks from us. This artificial Christmas pine tree features lusciously full branches,1000 tips in total to create the look of a genuine tree.

The tree is hinged body easily disassembles into 3 pieces for effortless storing.  It will look great in an apartment, or a bedroom that’s in want of an option slightly smaller than the standard-sized tree.

The sturdy metal base helps keep it standing tall during the entire season. 6ft Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree - Best Budget

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  • Dimensions: 44″(Dia) x 72″(H)
  • 6 ft. tall
  • 1000 branch tips
  • Solid Metal legs

  • Looks pretty full.
  • Great quality.
  • Easy to assemble.

#National Tree 4.5 ft. Jersey Fraser Fir with Clear Lights – Best Splurge

The National Christmas Tree is pre-lit and comes with a realistic Fraser fir disposition. It has an authentic look due to the branch tip technology that operates to give it some realistic features.

It runs much larger—nine feet tall to be exact—which contributes to the high cost. It comes with 892 branch tips. The branch tips are crush-resistant, so you are guaranteed the full-bodied tree.

It’s pre-strung with 350 UL listed clear lights that are resistant to bulb burnouts—which is a huge decorating plus.  The hinged branches distribute into four sections, while the stand easily folds away.


  • Fire-resistant and non-allergenic
  • 4.5 ft. Tall
  • 350 UL listed clear lights
  • 892 branch tips
  • Folding metal tree stand

  • Looks great.
  • Beautiful.

#Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas 6ft Full Fir Tree – Best Pink

Everything looks beautiful in pink—even your Christmas tree! It stands 6 feet tall and has 1,477 PVC branch tips which give it a full and realistic appearance.

Its PVC material is non-allergenic and non-flammable.Storing this decoration is easy due to the hinged design and foldable stand. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd this time, this bubblegum value deserves your full attention.

Best Choice Products 6ft Artificial Christmas Full Fir Tree Seasonal Holiday Decoration w/ 1,477 Branch Tips, Foldable Stand, Pink


  • 6-foot
  • 1,477 branch tips
  • Hinged composition and foldable stand
  • Fits perfectly in tree storage bags

  • Gorgeous tree.
  • Easy to assemble.

Buying Guide: Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Size: This is the important consideration that you must keep in mind while buying artificial Christmas trees. Think about height and width as well as there are slim trees available that will take up less space in tight rooms. Keep in mind storage, too, the larger the tree, the more space it will take up in storage the rest of the year.

Style: Artificial Christmas trees come in different styles. There are genuine faux trees that could pass for real plants and frosted trees that look like they have snow on them. Also, you can get pink, silver, or other colored Christmas trees that make a bold statement throughout the holidays.

Materials: Artificial Christmas trees are made of high-quality materials that will allow you to use it season after season. There are two types of materials: PVC and PE. Both materials can create a visual delight. Though, PVC is a fire-retardant that lets you place the tree safely in corners. There are two types of branches: hook-in and hinged. In addition to this, you can see if it comes in an easy to assemble design.

LED Lights: Artificial Christmas trees can come with or without LED lights. Pre-lit LEDs can create a pleasant look and lets you use it conveniently. You will have to see if it can light up in multiple modes. Don’t forget that the LED lights must be long-lasting and must be replaceable.

Real Vs. Artificial Christmas Trees

The best thing about having a real tree can be summed by one thing: smell. There is nothing that beats the scent of a pine tree in your living room. Also, the look of a real tree that adds a classic Christmas element. But real trees can be a pain when it comes to maintenance, with watering and vacuuming up pine needles a new daily routine you may not want to take on around the hectic festival season.

There’re many advantages to having an artificial Christmas tree. They are cost-effective and easy-to-store design, there are lots of reasons why many people opt to spring for artificial trees over real ones.

FAQs Of Artificial Christmas Trees

How much does a 6ft Christmas tree cost?

A 6-foot tree can vary between about $50 and $100, depending on quality.

How are artificial Christmas trees measured?

The width is measured from tip to top from left to right side. For the height, it is measured from the base to the topmost of the tree.


This review shows Best Artificial Christmas Trees that are worth buying. Christmas Trees are spirit and life of Christmas and make every single moment more lively and beautiful. Trees also want to be decorated and made attractive, so they will make your party great. These artificial Christmas trees are manufactured by the best companies that are the most reliable. All the artificial Christmas trees discussed above are made from the best quality and premium ingredients. Now, you can make Christmas happy and more fun.

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