Top 10 Best Electric Fireplace Heaters 2021 Reviews

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Welcome to the Best Electric Fireplace Heaters Reviews feature. Fireplace heaters that run on electricity add an aesthetic value along with the heat to your home and make you more comfortable during the winter season. The heater often comes with the design of a traditional fireplace with a wood stove or a mantel. They are ideal for any sort of space where you want a little addition of flame flickers. You can enjoy unlimited heat with the option of enthralling flame with these devices. There is no need for any venting as it runs on electricity.

To help you out further to make a correct decision in purchasing this appliance, we have chalked out some of the best electric heaters for the fireplace with a buying guide. Keep reading further if you are still intrigued by the idea of these gadgets and find out the most vital shopping considerations about them. See our recommendations for Best Electric Wall Heaters and Best Kerosene Heaters.

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Best Electric Fireplace Heaters

Below are the Best Electric Fireplace Heaters to buy in 2021.

#Real Flame Emerson Grand Electric Fireplace

This electric fireplace heater from Real Flame is ideal for any home as it includes veneered MDF mantel and hardwood. The 40 inches fireplace heater comes with a remote control that allows the user to manage the temperature of the room even without leaving the bed while they are sleeping.

The infrared technology of the device provides 5100 BTU of power output with numerous heat adjusting settings of 75, 72, 82, 78, 99, and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also control the heat settings in 24, 22, 28, 26, 60, and 30 degrees Celsius temperatures.

The anti topple feature of the heater switches of the device as soon as someone knocks it down or accidentally it tipped over. With 1500 watt of heating power, the machine automatically switches off the primary unit once the required set temperature is met. It also comes with numerous time intervals of 9 hours to 10 minutes.

The 6 inches power cord with a flat plug supplies electricity to the heater that helps you to adjust the brightness level of the flame up to 5. The size of this fireplace heater is almost 30% bigger than the traditional fireplace heaters with unbelievable clarity and realism. The fireplace can support a maximum weight of 30 lbs.

Real Flame Emerson Grand Electric Fireplace, Rustic White


  • Anti topple property
  • 40 inches firebox
  • Maximum weight support of up to 30 lbs
  • 5100 BTU heating output
  • 1500 watt of the heating power
  • 6’ power cord
  • Various timer intervals
  • 1-year warranty

  • Well veneered material.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Numerous temperature controlling settings.

  • No cons.

#Touchstone 80011 Electric Fireplace Heater

This electric fireplace is especially architecture for recess mounting on the room walls of any home. Now it is easy to impress the home guests with realistic flames created by the LED lights. The blazing intensity is dependent on the settings that you can adjust up to 5 levels. You can enjoy the warmth with a soothing display of glowing embers to the raging blaze.

Now sleep with no worries to turn off this heater, as it comes with a timer interval of 30 minutes to 7.5 hours. The glass crystals and the faux logs replicate the exact look of the traditional fireplace, which was powered by coal with no danger of mess or smell. This fireplace is ideal in offering enough warmth up to an area of 400 sq feet.

It includes two heating alternatives of high and low, and the user can further control it according to their preferences. You can also run this fireplace heater with flames only mode with no heating option. The crystal clear panel is composed of glass and enclosed within a stylish black exterior to complement both contemporary and classic decoration.

Touchstone 80011 - The Sideline Electric Fireplace - 60 Inch Wide - in Wall Recessed - 5 Flame Settings - Realistic 3 Color Flame - 1500/750 Watt Heater - (Black) - Log & Crystal Hearth Options


  • 60-inch fireplace
  • Five flame adjusting settings
  • Glass crystal and faux fire logs
  • Ideal for 400 sq. feet room
  • LED bulb controlled flame display
  • High and low heating controlling settings
  • Built-in sleep timer

  • Elegant and contemporary design.
  • Multiple modes.
  • Excellent customer service.

  • The controls are not touch screen.

#Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Heater

This infrared electric fireplace heater is a perfect appliance for any room of up to 1000 sq feet of size. The infrared technology creates the best balance between the room, the humidity in the air that does not dry out the atmosphere. The 5200 BTU heating output offers supplemental heating that saves a lot of money for the user.

The 3D effect Flame technology represents realistic dancing flames behind the logs. You can manage the speed, brightness, and color of the flame up to 5 levels. The overheat protection of the device automatically turns off the machine whenever it reaches the highest temperature. The digital adjustable thermostat decides the room temperature together with numerous heat settings.

You may even turn on the flame effect with or without switching on the heat. This fireplace heater comes with a remote control facility that allows the user to manage the device even from a distance. The cool to touch surface keeps the gadget cold even when it is running, thus making it exceptionally safe for the pets and kids around.

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control - Portable Indoor Space Heater - DFI-5010 (Black)


  • 5200 BTU heating output
  • Perfect for 1000 square feet room
  • Technology for realistic 3D flame effect
  • Adjustable digital thermostat
  • Remote control facility
  • Available in 6 colors

  • Perfect for the medium size room.
  • Easy to install.
  • Highly adjustable heat settings.

  • There is no air filter present in it.

#Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace

The Ameriwood Electric fireplace heater is an ideal combination of storage together with an additional fireplace. This heater can support up to 50 inches of the TV with the maximum weight support of 70 lbs. The MDF and the laminated particleboard offers an expresso finish to the appearance of the device. This fireplace is ideal for any room of up to 400 square feet in size.

The top shelf of the heater gives you ample space to keep your DVD player or cable set-top box. The two cabinets on the side include two extra shelves behind the doors composed of glass. You can insert the plug of this 18 inches fireplace into any standard 120-volt outlet. The user can switch on only the flame effect in the summer season without turning on the heat.

The inbuilt reflectors of the heaters produce a realistic flame effect due to the presence of AltraFlame Patented Technology. This technology implements LED lights that come with durability of 50000 hours.The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty and it requires assembly.

Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console for TVs up to a 50', Espresso,1764096PCOM


  • TV Stand supports up to a 50”
  • 120 volts of power supply
  • Maximum weight support of 70 pounds
  • LED light flames with 50000 hours
  • Ideal for a room size of up to 400 sq feet
  • AltraFlame Patented Technology
  • Available in 5 colors

  • Great quality.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Looks great.

  • Does not include a remote control.

#JAMFLY Mantel Electric Fireplace Heater

Composed of black or brown woodgrain, hardwood material, and burnished stain of oak, this electric fireplace heater is a live representation of intricate details, carved hearth accents, and time-honored styling. The columns on the side come with small plus geometric lines. In other words, this fireplace heater is a classic example of both modern and contemporary design that can fit any house décor.

This mantel fireplace includes two heating modes of low (750 watts) and high (1500 watts). This fireplace heater makes only less than 40 dB of noise that allows you to sleep or work peacefully with no sudden disturbances. You can insert the heater in any standard 120-volt power outlet. The 5100 BTU heating output gadget can warm up a small condo or apartment up to 400 square feet area.

With a remote control facility, the user can regulate the heat and flame settings from anywhere in the room without getting up from their place. The LED light delivers a realistic 3D flame effect to set up a cozy ambiance in the room. It comes with three-level settings to manage the flame brightness according to the requirement of the user.

The company provides 1-year warranty.

JAMFLY 26’’ Mantel Electric Fireplace Heater Small Freestanding Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove Heater w/Log Hearth& Wood Surround Firebox, Adjustable Led Flame, Remote Control,750W-1500W, (Brown)


  • 5100 BTU of heating output
  • Quartz burner type
  • 120-volt power consumption
  • 750 and 1500 watt heating modes
  • Warms up 400 square feet room
  • 1-year warranty

  • Realistic flame settings.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Long power cord.

  • Does not come with an automatic turning off feature.

#Tangkula 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace

The thickness of this vent free electric fireplace heater from Tangkula has been recently reduced to 3.86 inches. The company has also changed the switch of the device for convenient performance. Two inlets for air are also added in the front to ensure a rapid supply of the incoming air. The user can adjust the two heat settings of 1500 watts and 750 watts for both energy saving and warm purpose.

This fireplace heater is ideal for warming up the air of a room size of up to 400 square feet with 12 bed and flame colors that you can alter according to your mood. The flames give a realistic touch due to the presence of crystal glass with an outstanding visual experience. You can also manage the flame speed and brightness up to 5 modes.

Now go to sleep with no tension of turning off the machine in the middle of the night, as it comes with a sleep mode and timer facility of 1 to 8 hours interval. The user can operate this gadget both through the remote control or manually. The automatic cut off feature along with the overheat protection switch of the machine when it reaches a specific temperature.

Tangkula 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace, in-Wall & Wall Mounted Electric Heater with Adjustable Flame Color & Speed, Remote Control, Touch Screen, 750-1500W (50 Inches)


  • Heating up to 400 square feet
  • Infrared Heating technology
  • LED touch screen display
  • Overheat protection with safety cut off
  • 1500 watt and 750-watt heat settings
  • ETL certified product

  • Innumerable options for bed and flame colors.
  • User friendly and safe.
  • Easy to use remote

  • The power cord is only 3 feet long.

#GQQG Indoor Electric Heater Fireplace

This 700 or 1350 watt electric fireplace heater from GQQC can warm up any space within just 3 seconds efficiently. The advanced technology of 3D flame appears like a real fire to give you a feel that you are sitting in front of a real bonfire. You can also turn on the flame independently without switching on the heat to add a perfect decoration to your home in the summer season.

It comes with an automatic cut-off facility that switches off the primary unit whenever it becomes too hot after operating for quite some time. The whole outer surface of this heater remains exceptionally cool to touch, thus making it safe while children or pets are playing around. With a low noise creation design, it will disturb you anytime.

The auto cut off feature also makes this heater eco-friendly and saves power. With 110 volts of power consumption, it will not put any additional pressure on your utility bills. The machine is suitable to use for the bathroom, office, bedroom, and garage.

GQQG Electric Heater Fireplace for Indoor Use Space Heater with 3D Flame Effect, 2 Heat Modes, 700W/1350W Ultra Strong Power, Free Standing Flame Heater


  • Metal body material
  • 110-volt heater power
  • 700 and 1350 watt of heat settings
  • 11 to 20-meter cube of coverage area
  • 3D realistic flame technology
  • Overheat auto-off function

  • Perfect for bedroom, office, and garage.
  • Power saving and environmentally friendly.
  • Fast heating up.

  • No timer facility is present.

#SEI Furniture Elkmont Electric Fireplace

If you want a space heater that will distribute and create heat noiselessly, efficiently, and quickly up to a 400 square feet room size, then this one from the SEI furniture will be perfect for you. The remote control helps the user to adjust the thermostat manually from a place within the room. You can place a 43.5 inches wide TV panel on the top of the mantel for comfortable viewing while enjoying the warmth from the machine.

The earth-toned dark tiles together with antique Salem oak finish gives this heater a country style appearance. The thermal overload security protects the machine by turning it off instantly whenever it becomes too hot or reaches a maximum temperature for performing for too long. With 1500 watt heating power, it is one of the safest and energy-efficient models.

The glass of this self-regulatory electric heater remains cool to touch even when it is running in the background. It requires only 120 volts of power consumption to deliver all the features of this gadget. If you have a child or a pet, then worry not about the remote control. It comes with a safety lock system for the child so that they cannot open it whenever they like.

SEI Furniture Elkmont Earth Tone Tile Electric Fireplace, Salem Antique Oak


  • Composed of MDF, oak, ash veneer
  • 1500 watt of heating power
  • Heats a room size of up to 400 sq feet
  • 120 volt of operating power
  • Remote control with a child safety lock

  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Supplemental heating supply.
  • Great customer service.

  • Does not include any wheels for portability.

#Best Choice Wood Mantel Electric Fireplace

This mantel fireplace heater from Best Choice is one of the sturdy heater due to its materials of veneered MDF and solid wood. The classic trimming and the fluted columns add a sense of aesthetic and elegance to any home décor. The anti topple feature allows the user to place anything on the mantel with no fear of the gadget being tipped over.

The ultimate thin design with a realistic inbuilt look can enhance the room appearance. The 1400 watt heating power with 4700 BTU of heating output in every hour provides efficient heating to the user. You can also manage the flame settings and can only turn them on without the heating option.

The remote control helps the user to manage the settings of the thermostat according to their preferences. The timer function allows you to set the machine for a particular time, after which it will turn off automatically. In other words, this device gives you a nostalgic feeling and warmth of a conventional fireplace with no presence of real fire.

Best Choice Products 4700 BTU Wood Mantel Electric Fireplace W/ Remote Control, Mounting Brackets Included


  • Material: Wood and MDF
  • 4700 BTU of heating output
  • 1400 watt heat settings
  • Anti topple security
  • Presence of remote control with timer
  • Programmable thermostat with the brightness setting

  • Separate heating controls.
  • Mounting brackets for installation.
  • Sturdy and High-quality material.

  • It is not a corner fireplace.

#Northwest 80-FPWF-4 Electric Fireplace Heater

Now it has become easier to add a touch of style and elegance with this electric fireplace from Northwest. You can easily place a 32 inches TV screen or display your book collection on the mantle. The thin design and slim profile make this heater ideal for small spaces, dens, or apartments. It comes with an open fixed shelf to place your media players and a slot for cord management in the back.

This electric fireplace can warm up a place size of up to 400 square feet with energy efficiency. The LED lighting technology needs low energy to display the flame even without putting on the heat. It also includes a thermal cut-off feature that automatically turns off the machine to provide you security against overheating.

This heater includes dual switches to turn on the heater separately with no LED flame feature when you want added warmth without a romantic ambiance. Made with tempered glass, veneer, steel, and plastic, this device can enhance the décor of any house with no doubt. With 4777 BTU of heating output and 1400 watt of heating power, this product is listed by the CSA.

Northwest 80-FPWF-4 Electric Fireplace TV Stand– 29” Freestanding Console with Shelf, Faux Logs and LED Flames, Space Heater Entertainment Center (Gray)


  • Perfect to heat up 400 square feet room
  • LED Light technology for the flames
  • 1400 watt heating power
  • 4777 BTU heating output
  • CSA listed product
  • Available in 3 colors

  • Easy management of cords.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Ideal for small places.

  • Does not come with a self-regulatory thermostat.

Buying Guide: Best Electric Fireplace Heaters

Fixed or Portable: You can move the portable fireplaces from one place to another as needed. If you have a small space, then portable heaters are not recommended for them. On the other hand, you can use fixed electrical heating devices for places like these. Many people choose the traditional fireplace that looks like a heating unit. If you are in a rented apartment or are not interested in making any changes to your house, then fixed ones are the best option for you. They are usually simple to assemble and are lightweight.

Size: You should find the correct size fireplace heater for your place. For this, you need to measure the space of the room and search for a heating unit that will fit in that area. If your room includes large furniture pieces, then it is best to go for a thin and small fireplace heater. If you decide to buy a mantel heating unit, then they should be a minimum of 54 inches above the floor. Also, consider what type of things or showpieces you are about to keep on the mantel heaters.

Location of the Fireplace: It is another vital thing to consider. Properly measure the area where you are planning to keep the fireplace before buying it. It is mandatory in case of mounting for the walls or the corners. You also need to keep in mind the size of the device, the shape of the design, and its features. If you are planning a heating device for the living room, the mantel fireplace is the perfect one to appear traditional and realistic. The TV stand fireplaces are ideal for the rooms, with the entertainment setup. Wall recessed heaters are best for the bedrooms that give a luxurious and modern look to it.

Remote control: Remote control comes with a variety of added features of the heater. Some allow turning on and off the fireplace, while others come with a facility of choosing the color of the flame. You can also adjust the thermostat temperature settings with the help of remote control. They offer convenient facilities to the user. It allows easy operation of the fireplace heater without leaving your place.

Timer: Timer is another significant feature to check into before making any buying decision. The timer in an electric fireplace heater allows keeping the device on only for some specific time. The time interval varies from heaters to heaters. This feature permits the user to use the gadget with no worry or need to manually shut it off or on. It is also a safety facility as it automatically switches off and cools down the machine when the time duration set by you is full.

Flame Color: Many fireplace heaters offer a different range of colors. The standard color of the flame is yellow and orange. But there are also other colors like green, purple or pink. You can go for the models that come with the settings so that the flame uses varied color mixtures to produce a more realistic flame. In some models of wall mounted electric heating devices, there are crystals also.


If you have come to this section, then you have practically become an expert on electric fireplace heaters. If you keep all the reviews and buying guides in mind, then the purchasing decision will become easier for you, especially with all the new models present in the market. Electric heaters are the most effective way of offering supplemental heat in your home that also adds a contemporary flame for the room. So before this winter, bring home this miracle device to feel the warmth with some style. We hope you found Best Electric Fireplace Heaters for your needs.


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