Top 13 Best Ellipticals 2021 Reviews

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Welcome to the Best Ellipticals Reviews feature. The elliptical machines have become most popular owing to their low impact but high efficiency in exercising. If you’re thinking of setting up the home gym, then you should consider an elliptical machine. Elliptical machines are a great all-rounder in terms of fitness equipment. It is easy on your body because the feet remain on the pedals which take away additional strain from the joints. Ellipticals can be used for walking as well as jogging and can be set at an incline to simulate hiking.

Buying an elliptical is a major purchase and not to take lightly. With so many elliptical equipment on the market, it is really important to know what you’re looking to get from your investment. We have reviewed the top elliptical machines for home use, followed by the comparison table and buying guide to help you choose an elliptical that will work best for you. See our recommendations Best Ellipticals Under 500 and Best Ellipticals Under 1000.

Benefits of Elliptical Machine

  • Low Impact Exercise
  • Can Aid Weight Loss
  • Tones Entire Body
  • Improves Cardio Stamina
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Improves Balance And Mobility
  • Reduces High Blood Pressure
  • Enjoyable Workout Program

Comparison of Table

Best Elliptical Machine: Perfect Pick For Home

Below are the best ellipticals to buy in 2021.

#ProForm PFEL05918 Trainer Lite 5.9 HIIT

This elliptical machine from ProForm is a perfect combination of a stepper and elliptical in one device. The company has made sure that the workout statistics should remain in front of the user while they are working out. Thus the 5 inches display comes with a backlit facility that can successfully track down the heart rate, mileage, total calories burned, time and speed. 

A 5 inch horizontal and 8-inch vertical elliptical path differentiates this machine from the others and puts the user on track while building enough strength and more calories. It is easier to select the intensity with 18 levels of digital resistance. Every level is frictionless, smooth, and exceptionally silent with the patented Silent Magnetic Resistance Technology.

It comes with the guidance of professional coaches that will help you in the workouts from the comfort of your abode. Now it is easier to step on the pedals and get immediate access to the onboard 18 workouts that are completely ready to go and are fully loaded. This equipment also puts the joints of the user at ease in the middle of a tough exercise.

ProForm PFEL05918 HIIT Trainer Lite 5.9


  • 8” vertical elliptical path
  • 5” horizontal elliptical path
  • 5 inches of iFit display
  • 18 preset workout applications
  • 18 digital levels of resistance
  • EKG gripping pulse monitor
  • Lifetime frame Warranty
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

  • Worthwhile resistance.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Does not hit the glutens much.

  • Takes a little longer to install the machine.

#Bowflex Max 8 Elliptical Trainer

This elliptical max trainer from Bowflex offers customized workouts beginning only in 4 minutes. The enhanced twin LED/ LCD screen comes with seven well-guided exercise programs and allows connectivity to up to 4 specific users. You can try out the classic 14 minutes of training sessions with the dynamic instruction guiding the way. Whether the user has 30 or 4 minutes to burn, the machine will automatically adjust it to count even the shortest workouts.

This elliptical machine combines the low impact motion along with the full body of an elliptical and the power of calorie burning of a stepper to help the user to torch out the extra calories. This equipment comes with a space-saving design that helps to easily roll the entire device into any corner of the room. 

The JRNY technology of the company comes with customized coaching that integrates the daily personalized workouts to manage the intensity and time so that your fitness improves. This technology offers virtual rewards and in-depth analytics to applaud for your milestones, personal bests, and achievements.

Schwinn Fitness AD Pro Airdyne Bike


  • 7 working out programs
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Up to 4 user profile
  • Dual LCD/LED display with backlit screens
  • Bluetooth enabled connectivity
  • JRNY application technology
  • Magnetic media rack

  • Full body workout.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Excellent quality.

  • Makes a sneaking sound in the short order.

#Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Magnetic Trainer Machine

This elliptical training machine from Sunny Health and Fitness can conveniently track the distance, time, wattage, speed, calories burned, targeted heart rate, and rotation in every minute on the digital display with a backlit. This elliptical comes with seven working out modes, a BMI calculator, and 24 exercising patterns. Now the user can challenge them with the electromagnetic resistance and manage it through the digital display. 

These pre-installed exercise programs immediately adjust the resistance during the workout course. The pulse monitor easily tracks your heart rate by measuring the pulse grips. The grips are measured during the exercises in accurately assessing the performance of the user. You can also take full control of the workout videos or any entertainment footage when you put your Smartphone or tablet on the well-integrated holder. 

The user can also carry out their daily exercise routine even if there is a power cut in your house since it can operate even with no electricity. You can hop onto this elliptical equipment when it is unplugged to the primary power source and continue using it with the last resistance setting present before turning it off.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine w/Device Holder, LCD Monitor, 265 LB Max Weight and Pulse Monitoring - Circuit Zone, Black (SF-E3862)


  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 15.75 inches of striding length
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 24 pre-installed workouts 
  • A bottle holder is present
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs

  • Sturdy.
  • Quiet performance.
  • Great customer service.

  • Require two people to install it together.

#MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

The magnetic elliptical machine from MaxKare comes with a dual handle that helps in exercising more diversified workouts. The movable and non-slipping grip can offer entire body exercise and can also track the heart rate of the user. You can also carry on anaerobic sprint training on this machine. The water bottle holder in this equipment reminds you to remain hydrated during vigorous exercise sessions. 

The LCD monitoring display can track all the data regarding time, distance walked, speed, heart rate, and the total amount of calories burnt. This timely feedback of the data is exceptionally advantageous to keep the user motivated. When you are interested in watching a program or videos, the tablet or iPad holder permits you to enjoy working out and entertainment simultaneously.

This elliptical is built with eight levels of magnetic resistance to carry out various workout levels with convenience. The elliptical machine will never get in touch with the flywheel offering you a nearly stable, virtually low maintaining and silent experience. The pulse grips sensor monitors the heart rate of the user to indicate if the exercise is correct or sufficient.

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  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 13.5 inches of stride length
  • Eight magnetic resistance level
  • LCD monitor
  • Water bottle and phone holder
  • Dual handles
  • Transportation wheels
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs

  • Easy to storage.
  • Great for home workout.
  • Simple digital readout.

  • The instruction manual is a bit confusing.

#Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainer

This elliptical trainer machine from Nautilus comes with improved Bluetooth connectivity that allows the user to track, set, and monitor the progress through application-based tracking tools such as MyFitnessPal, Explore the World, and many more. The LCD sightline adjustable display includes 29 personalized workout programs. 

The 22 inches of striding length precision path allows fitting different types of users. The static and ergonomically designed moving handlebars give freedom for various positions of hands. You can move according to your pace that will immediately adjust your speed. It is easier to discover new routes with the addition of destinations every month. Explore the World facility helps the user to reach their goals with ease.

This elliptical machine can efficiently track all the vital data like speed, distance covered, calories burnt, pace, heart rate, and time. You can also capture the challenging routes you have covered and share them on the apps. In other words, this equipment delivers unlimited training alternatives with numerous resistance levels and workout programs.

Nautilus E618 Elliptical Black, One Size


  • 29 number of workout programs
  • 20 inches of striding length
  • Incline from 0-10 degrees
  • 25 resistance levels
  • Telemetry and contact enable heart rate monitoring
  • Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs

  • Easy to put together.
  • Motorized inclination.
  • Low impact on the joints and knees.

  • The metal on the left arm is loose.

#Horizon Fitness 7.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The elliptical cross trainer from Horizon fitness is the mid-range durable machine for everyone. It features the 23lb flywheel for a smooth and quiet performance. The heavier flywheel is conducive to supporting users up to 325 lbs.

The stride length is 20,” which makes it comfortable for anyone between 5’3 and 6’5. It has 20 resistance levels and 20 incline levels which is enough to challenge and tone muscles for beginners and the advanced users alike.

The display has a 7” LCD screen to monitor your workout as well as access media and apps from devices that you connect through Bluetooth. You can connect your devices to onboard speakers through Bluetooth or plug-in to the USB port.

The heart rate monitor is an easily accessible grip pulse. The company offers a lifetime warranty on frame and motor and 3-year parts and 1-year labor.

Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE Elliptical Cross Trainer


  • 20” stride length
  • 20 resistance levels
  • 20 levels of power inclines
  • 23lb Heavy flywheel
  • 7″ LCD screen
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Fitness App/App compatibility
  • Device holder and USB port
  • Weight capacity: 325 lbs

  • Rugged frame.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Plenty of incline.

  • Small screen.

#Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

The 470 elliptical machine from Schwinn has a good balance between quality and value for money. It comes with 20″ precision path stride. It has 25 levels of resistance.

This elliptical comes with 29 different programs and 4 different user settings for every family member. This can track calories, distance traveled and heart rate to help you to trace your progress.

The footplates are cushioned and stable with a total weight capacity of 300lbs. This elliptical dual-track backlit LCD displays. The LCD screen has 6 LED tracking lights, a 3-speed fan, and speakers.

It has a USB port so you can charge your smartphone or tablet while you work out. This elliptical has Bluetooth and can work with myfitnesspal and many other apps to transfer your workout data.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine


  • 20 inches stride length
  • 25 resistance settings
  • 29 workout programs
  • Motorized incline
  • Dual Track LCD displays
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB charging
  • Adjustable fan
  • 4 users can register
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Compact.
  • High quality.

  • Heavy.

#Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 Elliptical Machine

The SF-E3912 elliptical machine from Sunny Health & Fitness offers best performance under $500. The stride length of this machine is 14” long. It utilizes magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet operation. It has 16 levels of resistance.

This elliptical comes with 330 lbs weight capacity. It comes with 24 unique workout modes, ranging from warmups to manual setups to cater to all various users. 

This elliptical machine features back-lit display to track your distance, speed, time, calories burned. It comes with transportation wheels and floor stabilizers.

It has a water bottle holder and a tablet holder. Overall, this elliptical machine fine for seniors, walkers, and shorter users.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine w/Device Holder, Programmable Monitor and Heart Rate Monitoring, 330 LB Max Weight - SF-E3912


  • 14 inches stride length
  • 16 levels of electromagnetic resistance
  • 24 unique workout modes
  • Back-lit display
  • Pulse sensors
  • Transportation wheels
  • Device holder
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs

  • Great for small area.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Comfortable.

  • Heavy.

#Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer & Elliptical

This reliable exercise bike is perfect for users who need a budget-friendly machine. ! This hybrid elliptical/recumbent bike lets you perform the full-body cardio workout as you would on the elliptical, but reclines the movement for zero impact.

This cross trainer offers 8 levels of resistance with a magnetic resistance system having the manual mode. It comes with an adjustable seat with 3 recline settings.

The 10 inches stride length is short, but the action is more of a stepper than elliptical. This elliptical machine comes with the patented stride technology that proposes to protect the knees with the pedals which are designed to follow the linear path of the legs.

This cross trainer has a max user weight of 300 Ibs. It comes with a digital LCD console that displays data like speed, distance, calories, and time. This elliptical comes with stationary as well as adjustable handlebars.

Overall, this hybrid elliptical/recumbent bike is ideal for all fitness levels.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical


  • Stride length: 10”
  • Zero-impact workout
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • 3 recline setting
  • Patented Stride Technology
  • Digital console
  • Movable and stationary handlebars
  • Transport wheels
  • Water bottle holder
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Great for small spaces.
  • Sturdy.

  • No heart rate monitoring.

#ProGear 9900 HII Crossover Stepper/Elliptical Trainer

The 9900 from ProGear is perfect for casual and High Intensity Interval Training workouts. It has 8” vertical and 9” horizontal elliptical path provides smooth, natural elliptical stepping motion.

It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance, and a large 29lb cast iron exposed flywheel for quiet operation. This elliptical has strong steel frame construction. It has a compact design for limited spaces.

This elliptical machine comes with 3.5” LCD console which displays distance, speed, RPM, time, calories burned and pulse. The hand pulse sensors on stationary arms for monitoring your heart rate.

With the free MyCloudFitness app, you have set workout goals and track your workouts. It has 220 lbs of weight capacity. This elliptical comes with transportation wheels for easy transportation and storage.

The company offers a 5-year warranty.

ProGear 9900 HIIT Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness Crossover Stepper/Elliptical Trainer with Goal Setting and Free App, Black/Gray


  • 8″ Vertical and 9″ Horizontal Path
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 29 lbs Momentum Flywheel
  • Smart Resistance Knob
  •  3.5” LCD console
  • Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness
  • Multi-grip handlebars
  • Transportation wheels
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great quality.
  • Great customer service.

  • No cons.

#Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer System

If you are hunt for high end model then Sole E95 elliptical is perfect choice for you. It has Adjustable stride with 20-22 inch max stride length. It features 20 levels of resistance, the intensity can be adjusted as you require it.

It has 27lb flywheel along with the high gear ration gives you with a natural and smooth workout. The elliptical machine has a 400-pound weight limit. It has 20 levels of adjustable incline that improves the value of a pretty expensive machine.

This elliptical comes with 10.1 inch TFT LCD display has many features including built-in speakers cooling fans and bottle holder as well as Bluetooth, MP3 player, iPod or music device.

The stationary handles have heart pulse sensors that can detect your heartbeat and display it on an LCD display. This machine features moving handlebars give the option of an upper-body workout as well as lower body.

It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

SOLE E95 Elliptical with Built in Speakers


  • Adjustable 20″-22″ stride length
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • 27lb flywheel
  • Power Adjustable 1-20
  • 10.1 inch LCD display console
  • Bluetooth Competible
  • USB port
  • Tablet holder
  • Audio Speakers
  • Built-in pulse sensors
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs

  • Easy to use.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Stationary and moving handles.

  • High price.

#Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical

The under-desk elliptical from Cubii is an ideal for exercising at home or office. It is popular under-desk elliptical with the reassuringly solid build.  The stride length is a little small, the action is smooth and quiet.

It comes with 8 different resistance levels that allow you to test yourself to the level which feels like the challenge for you. This elliptical machine has an ergonomic design.

To keep it engaging, this is a Bluetooth enabled product and can be linked to apps or your Fitbit so you can track your progress and engage with and challenge others. The build quality is excellent means elliptical should last a long time.

It is available in Chrome and Noir colors.

Cubii Pro - Seated Under-Desk Elliptical - Get Fit While You Sit - Bluetooth Enabled, Sync with FitBit and Apple HealthKit - Whisper-Quiet - Adjustable Resistance - Easy to Assemble (Chrome)


  • Ergonomic design
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Low impace
  • Built to last.
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Synced with apps
  • Colors : Chrome and Noir

  • Smooth motion.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.

  • No arm workout.

#ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical

If you looking for the elliptical under 1500, then the 920 E elliptical from ProForm is the perfect choice for you. It has a stride length of 19 inches. It comes with 25 lb flywheel for smooth workout.

This elliptical machine has 0-20 degrees of digital adjustment. It can accommodate weight up to 325 lbs. It comes with 24 resistance levels. The 7” touchscreen display shows you stats including distance, speed, time, calories burned, resistance level, and heart rate.

There are 32 workout apps preloaded with the console. The built-in iFit Coach technology enables you to access your iFit account directly from the elliptical trainer.

This elliptical has sensors in the handlebars and wireless chest strap for heart rate tracking. It features a water bottle holder,  music port, charging port, tablet rack, transport wheels, leveling feet, and workout fan.

ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical


  • 19” stride length
  • 24 levels of resistance
  • 25lb flywheel
  • 0-20 degree incline adjustment
  • 7” Touchscreen Display
  • 32 on-board workouts
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • EKG grips on the stationary handlebars
  • Water Bottle Holders
  • USB port
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy.
  • Excellent service.

  • No cons.

Buying Guide: Best Ellipticals

Here, we have important factors to consider when buying the best ellipticals.

Size: We are all bound by the size of the exercise equipment. The ellipticals measure around 6’ long by 2.5’ wide, but you will want to ensure you have enough space on each side to get on and off. If you are more restricted in this way, you may consider a folding elliptical or a product that can be moved around easily.

Stride Length: The stride length is probably the most significant factor you should pay attention to. If you are only planning on walking or running slowly, you can get away with the shorter stride length. The stride length of around 14” to 18” will cater for shorter users. Any taller and you should strive for a length of 18” to 20”, while taller users than 6ft should look more towards 20” to 22”. The more you spend, the wider the length, with costly ellipticals coming in at up to 22”.

Resistance Levels: If the elliptical resistance isn’t strong, you won’t get the best elliptical workout. Some budget ellipticals offer no resistance at all. If the machine offers anywhere between 15 and 25 levels of resistance, you can ensure it is going to offer you enough of a challenge. As for the type of resistance, it’ll come down to how much you spend for your unit. If you pay more on an elliptical, you are likely to find one with magnetic resistance.  The more levels offered, the more versatile the elliptical.

Incline: Incline is luxury features and rarely found on ellipticals in the lower end market. Incline adds the gradient to your workout, working various muscles, shortening your stride and ultimately boosting the strength and likely calorie burns of your session. Some lower-priced machines may feature manual incline, but the ideal form is motorized, allowing you to adjust the slope degree from the central console.

Handles: Many elliptical machines feature moving handles which are great if you want to incorporate an upper body workout as well. This will be the light workout though so if you favor your upper body to remain still then handles that do not move will be a good idea.

Programs: If you daily use an elliptical and have set routine, you might be fine purchasing a machine without any built-in programs. There are many elliptical that offers multiple programs that will guide you along your fitness journey.

Console: Most of the ellipticals display at least basic feedback about your workout– such as distance, time, heart rate, stride, and calories burned. If you like to have drink at arms, keep your eyes peeled for the unit that includes a cup holder. If you plan to watch videos on your tablet, ensuring the console holds a shelf/ledge would be wise. If you enjoy the time on your elliptical machine by listening to music, the built-in speaker is a nice accessory.

Weight Limit: It is important that you weigh yourself and check that you’re within the limits of the machine. Most ellipticals max limit at 300 pounds. Some of the machines have 220lb weight restrictions, so you should be careful. If you need a higher weight limit, there are some models available with a limit of 330 – 400, so be sure to look for those.


Ellipticals are a great machine to provide the body with full-body workout without the impact. There are several different models offering a huge range of features so set your budget and try to find best within that price range. The models we have highlighted are some of the best on the market in their individual categories. Buy an elliptical trainer for a home workout today and walk toward your goal with ease. I hope this information helped, and I hope you find the Best Ellipticals for your exercise needs.


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