Top 15 Best Innerspring Mattresses 2021 Reviews

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Welcome to the Best Innerspring Mattresses Reviews feature. It’s a proven fact that quality always wins over quantity! A similar thing goes with human sleep; it is not the hours you sleep but the quality of your sleep that relieves all your tiredness. To have a comfortable and quality sleep, you need certain things such as a dark and silent room, an easy clothing, and a comfortable and cozy mattress, right? In all these things, the most challenging task is to choose a perfect mattress that adjusts with your body type. 

To make your task easy, here we’re going to present our buying guide to innerspring mattresses. Innerspring mattresses are the best in terms of orthopedic health. The guide includes the top 10 innerspring mattresses, and interestingly, each mattress is excellent on its own. So what are you waiting for? Just scroll down and unveil the list! See our recommendations  Best King Size Mattress, Best Mattresses For Back Pain, Best Cheap Mattresses, Best Hybrid Mattresses, Best Air Mattresses, and Best Memory Foam Mattress 

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Best Innerspring Mattresses

Below are the Best Innerspring Mattresses to buy in 2021.

#Avenco Hybrid 10 inches King Size Mattress

This 10 inches king size mattress from Avenco comes with a five zonal independent pocket innerspring architecture. The edge support makes sure that the body of the user is evenly and comprehensively distributed and absorbed from the toe to head throughout the entire mattress.

It also offers targeted support to the user body with proper hips and spine alignment. This product can absorb and bounce back the motion disturbance in between the partners due to individually covered springs. This feature will ensure that there will be no interruption in your sleep when your partner moves or gets up from the bed.

The mattress ensures that you will get a quiet and peaceful night of sleep with full comfort. This mattress includes gel-infused open cell foam so that it is well ventilated to meet all the requirements of the user. The gel foam manages the temperature of the product and allows you to sleep relaxingly.

King Size Mattress, Avenco Hybrid Mattress King, 10 Inch Innerspring and Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a Box, with CertiPUR-US Foam for Supportive, Pressure Relief & Cooler Sleeping, 10 Years Support


  • Five zonal of pocket springs
  • Motion isolation property
  • 100 nights of a free trial
  • 10-years of guarantee

  • Easy set up.
  • Value for Money.
  • No sagging or roll-off.

  • Not enough cushioning below the knee areas.

#Molblly 12 inch Queen size Innerspring Mattress

This innerspring mattress from Molblly comes with a design of individually wrapped pocket spring coils that can move independently and contour accurately to the shape of the user body. The product also offers consistent support distribution throughout the entire bedding.

It comes with low motion transference between the sleeping partners. The comfortable surface of the mattress tightly holds the materials on the spring systems, and the plush fabric offers skin-friendly and comfortable touch to the user. The tempered steel coil system provides additional support to the different body parts.

This mattress delivers exceptional spine alignment along with support to the legs, waist, neck, feet, hips, shoulders, and head. Reinforcing foam and the tightly knitted edges offers maximum support to the edge. It does not contain any unhealthy or toxic substances along with certification from CertiPUR-US, making sure to deliver no concerning sleep.

Queen Mattress, Molblly 12 inch Innerspring Mattress in a Box, Ultimate Motion Isolation Individually Wrapped Pocket Coils Mattress, Pressure Relief and Supportive


  • 12 inches in size
  • Pocket spring coils
  • A tempered coil of steel
  • CertiPUR-US certification
  • 10-year warranty

  • Easy to set up.
  • Great quality.
  • Environmental friendly materials.

  • Memory foam might lose its properties after a few days’ usages.

#BedStory 10 Inches Latex Infused Mattress

This perfect mattress from BedStory consists of imported latex with the properties of breathability, dehumidification, and high resilience. This helps the user to sleep peacefully without being hot and sweaty. This soft and contouring product fits according to the body type of the user and relives the physical stress.

The latex keeps the bedding clean and deepens the sleep inside. The memory foam of this mattress is exceptionally soft and offers conforming relief and comfort to the back pain. The coil spring present inside the foam enhances the mattress support. The hybrid design creates an ideal balance between softness and firmness.

It comes with a design for all types of sleepers with better sleep for the night. All the materials and foam includes a certification from CertiPUR-US and is exceptionally durable and eco friendly. It also meets all the standards of the CFR1633, meaning it is difficult to burn and is safe to implement.

BedStory Twin XL Mattress, 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress Medium Firm, Latex Infused Memory Foam Pocket Coil Spring Mattress, Single Bed Mattress in a Box, CertiPUR-US Certified- Twin XL Size


  • Composed of imported latex
  • Wrapped-coil spring
  • CertiPUR-US certifications
  • Meets the standard of CFR1633
  • 10 years of company guarantee
  • 30 days free trial period
  • Available in 2 colors

  • Sturdy.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy to install.

  • Sink in the middle portion.

#AmazonBasics Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Enjoy a restful sleep and sweet dreams with this AmazonBasics mattress. The multiple layered products include a body-conforming plush memory foam to the conventional innerspring for improved body support. This 10 inches hybrid mattress comes with a design of a three-layer foam structure for optimal support and softness.

The uppermost memory foam layer will adapt to the body contour of the user and contentedly conforms to various sleeping positions. The medium firm top layer includes memory foam with the traditional inner springs for enough support. Thanks to the second layer of foam, it can offer breathable holes and improved airflow.

The third layer consists of a wavy surface that delivers a durable and safe design. All the foam components come with a certification from CertiPUR-US that ensures there is no presence of any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, heavy metals, or mercury in it. This mattress includes one-year assurance from the company with no risks of a manufacturing defect.

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  • Memory foam layer
  • Wavy surface and breathable holes
  • Medium firmness feeling
  • Traditional inner springs
  • CertiPUR-US certification
  • 1-year limited warranty

  • Perfect for low profile bed.
  • Can inflate in no time at all.
  • Affordable price.

  • Springs can make weird noises sometimes.

#Ssecretland by Molblly 14 inches Innerspring Mattress

This Ssecretland mattress by Molblly comes with an individually wrapped innerspring coil mattress that gets support by the individual pocket springs. These springs are also exceptionally durable to use. The memory gel-infused foam comes with 3D knitted soft fabric on the top to enhance the comfort level.

The well-knitted 3D double-layered cover allows high permeability and permits the bedding to breathe freely, thus creating a restful and dry sleep for the user. The coil system allows for additional airflow. The materials come with CertiPUR-US certification and meet the 100 safety standards of Oeko-Tex.

The product also includes a ten years manufacturing warranty that promises a full refund or replacement of the bedding if there is any defect present. The steel coil offers exceptional support to various body parts of the user along with natural spine alignment.

Ssecretland Full Mattress, 14 inch Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Mattress,


  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Tempered steel coil system
  • 3D knitted double-layered cover
  • CertiPUR-US certification
  • Meets the Standard 100 Oeko-Tex
  • 10 years of warranty

  • Great customer support.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Highly quality material.

  • It is a little bit soft and not ideal for back sleepers.

#Classic Brands Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring 8-Inch Firm Mattress

Here we’re opening the list with one of the most reliable products that serve great value for your money. The Classic Brands Advantage is one of the leading US-based mattress makers. The innerspring 8-inch firm mattress is equipped with smart features that are specially designed for firm support and comfort.

In today’s hectic life, almost every day, we end up all tired, but this smart mattress will just relieve all your tiredness and promises a comfortable sleep at an affordable price. It has 2″ quite poly foam layer that provides exact cushion-firm feel. It also features 6″ individually wrapped tempered innerspring coil, which makes sure to give great back support.

The durable product ensures you to provide ultimate support of a wrapped steel coil innerspring at the right price. To contour precisely to your body, the 8-inch individually wrapped coils are encased in separate pockets.

In terms of construction, it is a sturdy product that is made with a heavy-duty material. This innerspring mattress comes with a 3-year warranty, which is more than enough for any product.

Classic Brands Advantage Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring 8-Inch Firm Mattress | Bed-in-a-Box Twin


  • 2″ Quilt Poly Foam layer
  • 6″ Individually Wrapped Tempered Innerspring Coil
  • Cushion-firm Feel
  • 8-inch mattress
  • White-coloured
  • Beautifully detailed quilt knit cover
  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Provide consistent support
  • 3-year-warranty

  • It gives greater back support.
  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • It doesn’t cause sagging or sinking feeling when you sleep.
  • Perfect for spinal alignment problems.

  • The coils lose their spring within 2-3 months.

#Rucas Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Here’s another innerspring hybrid mattress that will not just ensure comfort but will also add value to your home decor. The 1” durable memory foam mattress is available only in queen size and white color. The 10″ mattress by Rucas features 1″ durable memory foam that ensures comfort and helps in aligning your spine as you sleep.

It is made with totally environment-friendly material, so you don’t have to worry about its long term consequences on nature. Featuring innovative design and compact construction, this innerspring mattress is way better than other product of a similar range.

With its perfectly 3D knitted fabric, it adjusts with the user’s body weight and adapts the body type. Another thing that we often look for in any product is safety, so let us tell you that the organic palm oil foam makes it unbeatable.

The high-quality mattress also regulates the hygiene and mitigates the risk of dust mites, bed bugs, and other harmful elements. This innerspring mattress is the US certified and comes with a 15-year-warranty and free replacement policy; thus, you do not have to worry about its durability and quality. More or less, the smart mattress serves total value for your money. 

Rucas Memory Foam Mattress Innerspring Hybrid Mattress for Added Comfort Mattress, CertiPUR-US Certified Adaptive Foam, [15 Year Warranty] (Twin


  • Pressure-relieving comfort
  • 1″ durable memory foam
  • 10″ mattress available only in queen size
  • Pocket spring
  • Individually wrapped coils
  • Us certified for durability
  • Perfectly 3D knitted fabric 
  • 15-year-warranty

  • Environment-friendly material.
  • The memory foam mattresses help align your spine as you sleep.
  • It goes perfectly with home decor.

  • It is very heavy in weight.

#Zinus Ultima Comfort 8 Inch Spring Mattress

Are you looking for a comfortable, durable, and versatile mattress? If yes, this innerspring mattress will give it all to you at an extremely affordable range. While its royal design adds value to your bedroom, the amazing features ensure comfort and durability.

This innerspring mattress by Zinus is available in all sizes except the short queen. In terms of design, it offers a variety of sizes including “, 10″, 12″ and 13”. It features a 1.5″ CertiPUR foam layer, 1″ high-density foam support layer and a 7.5″ base layer. The foam is very soft and comfortable that gives enough comfort and back support.

Similarly, the 1″ high-density foam support level makes sure that you have a wonderful bedtime. It is equipped with iCoil pocketed spring which enhances the quality a hundred times. You can be worry-free because the mattress comes with a 10-year-warranty. This smart spring mattress is worthy of each penny that you invest in it.

ZINUS 8 Inch Quilted Pocket Spring Mattress / Bed-in-a-Box, Queen


  • 1.5″ CertiPUR foam layer
  • 1″ high-density foam support layer
  • 7.5″ base layer
  • Available in 8″, 10″, 12″ and 13″ styles
  • Available in all sizes except the short queen
  • 10-year-warranty

  • It gives greater back support.
  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • It doesn’t cause sagging or sinking feeling when you sleep.
  • Perfect for spinal alignment problems.

  • The coils lose their spring within 2-3 months.

#Thrive Finale 10-Inch Innerspring Twin Mattress

The Thrive 10″ innerspring mattress is yet another strong contender in our list of top innerspring mattresses. Seeing the unbeatable features of this mattress we can say that they got your money worthy of every inch of the mattress.

The mattress is 10″ wide and extremely comfortable thus you are promised a heavenly sleep on it. The heavy-duty mattress durable enough to take a tough beating from the kids and makes a welcoming guest bed experience or trundle mattress. It has is certified with CERTIPUR foam thereby you get guaranteed safety, performance and emissions.

The makers of the mattress also claim it to be independently tested for safety and quality, hence it is free from toxic chemical fire retardants. Available in three different sizes, this mattress gives you an option to choose as per your requirement.

It is engineered with smart technology that ensures to reduce pressure points in the neck, back, hips and shoulders. Besides that, it includes a 1-year-warranty so you can use it without worry.

Thrive Finale 10-Inch Innerspring Twin Mattress - 3 Zone Individually Encased Pocket Coils - CertiPUR-US Certified Foam - Best Affordable Bed - Guest Room Beds and Kids - Made in USA - Twin Size


  • Plush top-layer
  • 10-Inch Innerspring Twin Mattress 
  • CertiPUR US certified foams
  • Durable and comfortable
  • 3-Zone support system
  • 1-year-warranty
  • Available in Twin, Twin XL, and Queen sizes

  • Equipped with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam for emissions, content, and performance.
  • It is perfect for kids.
  • The individual encased pocket coils enhance support.

  • Too soft.

#Sunrising Bedding 8” Natural Latex Twin Mattress

If you’re looking for beauty in simplicity, there could be nothing better than this 8″ Natural Latex Twin Mattress by Sunrising Bedding. This innerspring mattress is available in all sizes and is 8″ high that makes it easy for you to come in and out of the bed.

This delightful mattress from Sunrising Bedding doesn’t only ensure great comfort but also includes some amazing features. This mattress is engineered with Talay Latex technology that maintains stability thus you can freely move on your bed. This technology also provides cushion-firm feel and eliminates the pressure point when you sleep.

The versatile mattress is also complaint of the 1633 federal fire test requirement and is fire- resistant. Made with organic material, the mattress also eliminates the risk of dust mites, bed bugs and other unwanted elements. With this, the makers also ensure customer satisfaction with a 120-day trial, 20-year-warranty and 0-risk return policy. 

Sunrising Bedding 8” Natural Latex Twin Mattress, Individually Encased Pocket Coil, Firm, Supportive, Naturally Cooling, Organic Mattress, 120-Night Free Trial, 20-Year Warranty


  • Available in all sizes.
  • 8″ high
  • Made with Talalay Latex technology 
  • 100% natural latex top layer 
  • 2.0 mm gauge encased coil spring
  • Cushion-firm feel
  • Motion aided foam technology 
  • 20-year-warranty and 120-day trial period

  • The motion aided foam technology maintains stability.
  • The simple design and elegant color go with the decor of any home.
  • It is CertiPUR-US approved hence no side effects on health or the environment.

  • It quickly gets dirty.

#Olee Sleep 10 Inch Cool I-Gel Foam Innerspring Mattress

The Olee sleep innerspring mattress is extremely firm with a cool top. It is available in all sizes and includes 4-different layers of foam. While 1.5″ Dura soft memory foam with an 8 ILD ensures consistent temperature, the 7.5″ heat-treated coils maintain mattress firmness.

People often complain that their mattress releases heat but the Olee Sleep mattress features Cool I-Gel technology that keeps your mattress cool all over the night. With a Poly Jacquard cover, the mattress is soft, washable and durable. This innerspring mattress is perfectly engineered to satisfy the need for contoured support of your vertebrae while you sleep.

The tempered steel independently-encased coils give enough comfort to the curves of your body by creating an equal weight distribution, hence it relieves the pressure points and eliminates the risk of pain in hips, shoulders, neck, and back.

The smart coil construction of this mattress also ensures the elimination of motion disturbance means your partner’s movement throughout the night won’t even disturb your sleep. This is not it, the elimination of motion disturbance makes it a perfect choice for kids too. This quilted top mattress is backed by 10-year-warranty thus you can use it without giving a thought of consequences.

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Milky Way Tight Top Hybrid Spring Mattress, Full, White


  • 1.5 ” soft memory foam
  • 7.5″ heat-treated coils
  • Available in all sizes
  • Cool I-Gel foam maintains the temperature
  • Poly jacquard + hollow fiber optimizes Air ventilation
  • Convoluted high density
  • Quilted top
  • 3-foam layers
  • 10-year-warranty

  • With Cool I-Gel foam, the mattress is so cool to sleep on.
  • Durable.
  • The 7.5″ Dura spring base supports weightless sleep.
  • Affordable price.

  • It is way too firm and takes to adjust to body types.

#Classic Brands Mercer Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress

The  Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress is a perfect choice that promises quality at an affordable range. The smartly engineered mattress combines the traditional innerspring wrapped coils with the newest generation of gel memory foam for an optimal sleep experience.

It features high-quality memory foam and pressure relieving gel memory foam which disperses body heat and creates a more comfortable sleeping surface layer. Reducing the sensation, the 8″ of wrapped innerspring coils move independently and minimize motion disturbance.

At the same time, it is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites. You do not have to worry about the safety and comfort while buying this mattress because it meets all the standards of CertiPUR US program which gives better performance, reduce emissions, and increased durability.

It is equipped with a pillow-top which promises a comfortable cushion-firm feel. The mattress includes a 10-year-warranty and 100-night risk-free trial and the company promises to refund 100% money after 100-nights free trial.

Classic Brands Mercer Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Pillow Top Mattress | Bed-in-a-Box Full


  • Available in all sizes
  • Cushion firm feel
  • Beautifully detailed quilted pillow 
  • Top cool gel memory foam
  • CertiPUR US certified
  • 12″ thick
  • Tight top
  • 100-night risk-free trial
  • 10-year-warranty

  • Comfortable.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Great price.

  • No cons.

#Continental Sleep, 13-Inch Soft Foam Encased Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

This Continental innerspring mattress is synonymous to luxury. It is available in all sizes so that you can choose as per your needs. With 13″ soft foam encased hybrid euro top it provides great back support and reduces the risk of pain in hips, shoulders, and back.

The makers of this mattress take pride to call it the best orthopedic Euro top mattress and box spring set. It comes with a strong durable box spring. The 8″ thick wood box spring makes sure to support all mattress types and increases the longevity of the product.

No matter if you’re lying and resting or sitting and working, this marvelous mattress with all the support that you need. Reducing the chances of motion disturbance, it also features a whisper shield which ensures to make minimal noise while you move.

This finely crafted mattress meets all the US quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction. When it comes to the looks, let us tell you, this versatile mattress will only enhance the decor of your bedroom. However, it is very high for kids and senior citizens.

Continental Sleep Soft Foam Encased Hybrid Eurotop Pillowtop Innerspring Mattress And 8' Wood Traditional Box Spring/Foundation Set, Full XL


  • 3″ high-density firm foam pad on each side
  • Plush 4″ one-sided Euro pillow
  • 3″ high-density foam  
  • Optimal back support
  • Quilted cushion top
  • Euro top pillow-like layer
  • Ultra-luxurious
  • Available in all sizes

  • This luxurious mattress enhances the beauty of your bedroom.
  • The quilted cushion top makes is extremely comfortable.
  • This 13″ mattress with multiple layers is extremely durable.

  • It is too high for kids and senior citizens.

#Brentwood Home Oceano Wrapped Innerspring Mattress

Brentwood Home is known for making reliable and sturdy mattress. They offer a huge variety of mattresses but the Oceano is the most popular and worthy one. The smartly engineered mattress is equipped with some irresistible features.

The Oceano is available in all sizes and each size features 796 individually wrapped base coils sit in 5 zones to support every inch of your body. Equipped with up to 1353 individually-wrapped coils, the makers claim it to be the best hybrid mattress in the industry.

With 6-upholstered handles, it becomes extremely convenient to move this mattress from one place to another. It features plant-based Tencel blended fabric cover which is evenly smooth and ensures great sleep. The smart mattress is resistant to fire and other unhealthy elements.

It is also certified by CeritPUR US and GreenGuard Gold hence safe for personal use. The product includes free shipping, and 25-year-warranty which is more than enough for any product.

Brentwood Home Oceano Hybrid Innerspring Mattress, Cooling Gel Memory Foam, Non-toxic, Made in California, Cal King


  • Available in all sizes
  • Adjustable base compatible
  • 4-inch top pocket
  • 6 upholstered handles
  • 4-way stretch knit with pillowy quilt design
  • 796 individually wrapped base coils
  • Plant-based Tencel blended fabric cover
  • Resistant to fire and unhealthy elements
  • CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard Gold certified
  • 25-year-warranty

  • Well made.
  • Supportive.
  • It is a double-sided mattress- firmer from one side and softer from another.

  • It is way too expensive than its rival products.

#Signature Sleep Contour Encased Mattress

Here we’re ending the list with a royal-look mattress by Signature Sleep. The versatile mattress is reversible and features a layer of high-density foam at the top and bottom of the mattress which gives you a comfortable embracing feel to minimize the feeling of the coils.

Since it is the reversible mattress, you can use it the way you want, you can simply flip and rotate the mattress. It has 7″ 15-gauge independently encased coil which provides equal weight distribution and makes sure that you have a comfortable and sound sleep.

This innerspring mattress is crafted with high-quality foam without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP. Aside from these smart features, the Signature Sleep mattress also ensures great comfort and enhanced back support.

It is CertiPUR certified thus its safe, eco-friendly and fire-resistant. Moreover, this durable mattress offers a lot more than comfortable sleep. It comes with a 1-year-warranty.

Signature Sleep Contour 8' Reversible Mattress, Independently Encased Coils, Bed-in-a-Box, Twin


  • Available in 4 sizes
  • 8″ independently encased coil mattress
  • Reversible mattress
  • It is CertiPUR-US certified
  • 7″ 15- gauge independently encased coils
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Enhances home decor
  • 1-year-warranty

  • Extremely affordable. 
  • The mattress is shipped in a vacuum-sealed package.
  • It meets all safety standards and is CertiPUR-US certified.

  • It is too firm.

Buying Guide: Best Innerspring Mattresses

With the huge variety available in the market, it becomes tough to choose the best product for you. Here, we’ve important factors to consider when buying the best innerspring mattresses.

Features: There is a huge variety of mattresses available in the market. All of them differ based on their cost and features. So before actually finalizing a product, you should consider the features that it offers. It is always advisable to first know about the features that you require and the available features, then do a comparative analysis and choose the most relevant product for you.

Comfort Level: The important factor to consider while buying an innerspring mattress is comfort. Do not confuse the price with comfort level! Sometimes, even the most expensive products lack comfort. Sleeping is a very personal matter, while people sleep in the side position some sleep on their stomach, thus to find a comfortable mattress, you need to consider other factors too, such as a trial period. If you doubt the comfort level of the mattress it is important to buy a product that includes enough trial period so that you can make your decision based on your personal experience.

Affordability: Affordability is yet another important factor that you cannot ignore while buying a mattress or anything in this world. Maybe the product you like is expensive but you don’t have to be upset because there are some affordable options too. So it is necessary to consider affordability and find a quality product in your budget.

Warranty & Trial Period: Last but not least, you should always consider the warranty and the trial period while buying an Innerspring mattress. There are few things that we buy once in years and mattress is one of them. So it is important to buy a product with a long warranty period. Similarly, you cannot choose a mattress just based on its looks. It is important to at least try it for a few days. Hence the warranty and trial period need to be considered.


From reduced motion transfer to enhanced back support, innerspring mattresses come with a variety of features that make them better than the rest. We hope that our buying guide to innerspring mattresses was help enough for you and you ended up choosing the best product for you. We assure you that each product review is based on our true customer experience so you can rely on this honest and unbiased list. We hope you found the Best Innerspring Mattresses for your needs.


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