Top 7 Best Massage Chairs Under 500 2020 Reviews

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Welcome to the Best Massage Chairs Under 500 Reviews feature. If you are reading this article, there is a good chance you are in the same position as me. Of course, stress over work, family or economics are not the only things that can cause you trouble. Standing all day in a warehouse, training in a gym or even sitting all day in the office chair can lead to tight muscles and aching joints. Fortunately, there is the workaround to this problem – you can buy a massage chair!

Selecting the right massage chair for your budget and requirements is not easy, however. This buying guide will help you to buy the best massage chair under 500 2020 you possibly can. See our recommendations Best Massage Chair Under 1000 and Best Massage Chair Under 2000.

Best Massage Chairs Under 500

Below is the list of the Best Massage Chair Under 500 to buy in 2020.

#Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair 

This full-body massage chair from BestMassage comes at a reasonable price and has various massage options for the stimulation of muscles, exhaustion release and rejuvenation of body and mind.

It comes with four airbags on both sides of the seat which slowly inflate and deflate to press your lower back and hips. The frame of this massage chair is consists of high-quality steel.

It is upholstered with durable PU, so it is waterproof and clean. It has a rolling system that provides a full body massage. This massage chair can hold weight up to 200 lbs.

Different massage techniques are used in the massage chair like tapping, stimulating, kneading, recovery and muscle kneading and they can be accessed with remote control built in the arm-rest. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers that can play all your favorite songs.

It comes with a USB charger in the base powers while you store them in the attached pocket.

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Fully Assembled Video Gaming Chair with Airbag Massage SL-Track Curved Long Rail Wireless Bluetooth Speaker USB Charger Best for Less Than 160LB Person


  • High-quality steel frame
  • 5 Massage Modes
  • 4 airbags
  • SL Track massage system
  • Built-in bluetooth speakers
  • USB charger
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Available in 3 colors

  • Sleek.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to move.

  • Not for large people.

#WaterJoy Massage Recliner Chair

This massage recliner chair from WaterJoy has plush design and comfortable. The heavy iron frame and PU leather upholstery assure maximum durability as well as comfort.

It comes with 8 vibrating massage nodes to offer you the finest relaxation and comfort for your lumbar, back, things and legs. You can easily control the intensity of massage with a simply reachable hand remote.

Its pullback recline feature helps you to find a comfortable position to rest. This massage chair comes with an auto-off function after 25 minutes for utmost safety.

It is available in black, beige and brown colors.

Massage Recliner Chair with Heat and Vibrating, Waterjoy Full Body Leather Massage Chair with Control Sofa Chair Recliner for Living Room Black


  • Iron frame
  • PU leather upholstery
  • 8 vibrating massage nodes
  • 5 massage modes
  • Adjustable backrest and leg
  • Pullback recline
  • 25-minute auto-off function
  • Remote controlled
  • Heating therapy
  • Available in 3 colors

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comfortable.
  • Auto shut down.

  • It requires more padding.

#Human Touch Active 2.0 Massage Chair

This chair is a good purchase for those who are looking for an easy to user massage chair that can help decrease muscle pain. Its sleek design allows it to provide a massage that is sure to alleviate aches and restore and recharge tired muscles.

The chair is also comfortable- so users can sit comfortably for as long as they wish. What makes this chair so unique is the use of stretch, orbit and glide motion. This technology is a designed to emulate a therapeutic massage.

The first set program is stretch which is aimed fundamentally at small of the back and works its way up the spine to grow blood and lymph circulation.  The second program is orbit in which the chairs massager works the users back in a side to side motion so that stress and soreness are relieved, and the muscles are stretched. The last automatic program is glide, and this includes a simple massage motion in which a spine is rolled out, and deeply massaged.

One of the features of this chair is that it has a space-saving design that lets it fit into places others can’t. It can achieve a 180-degree angle similar to that of a zero gravity massage chair.

It comes with a bone and espresso colors.Human Touch Active 2.0 Massage Chair

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  • Designed to simulate real hand massage techniques
  • Three different massage settings that focus on various areas of your body.
  • Space-saving furniture
  • This massage chair to ease the chair to a near-180 degree angle
  • Colors: Bone and Espresso

  • Good Chair for the money.
  • Well built.
  • Looks great.

  • Unusual design may clash with other furniture

#Relaxzen Recliner Chair 8-Motor Massage & Heat

This is another affordable massage chair. It is designed with the solid construction, incorporating steel and metal materials in the frame.

It is offered in a chocolate brown color in soft comfort upholstery that has a feel and looks of top quality leather. This chair can give you a gentle massage while you sit and relax.

It is ideal for any location, whether that be in the home or the office. This massage recliner is powered by 8 vibration motors for the comfortable massage on the upper back,  mid back, thighs, and calves.

While vibration is massaging you, the Relaxzen can also provide heat for the lumbar area for complete comfort. To customize your massage session, you can select one of the 9 provided modes. Furthermore, if you need to further personalize your massage, you can choose independent massage zones and intensity level among the 5 provided.

You can adjust the Relaxzen to your convenience either to swivel or recline. It has the function of recline tension adjustment. Maximum weight capacity of this massage chair is 300 lbs. Relaxzen Recliner Chair 8-Motor Massage & Heat

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  • Looks and feels like top-quality leather
  • 8 vibration massage motors relax an upper back, mid back, thigh, and calves
  • Features like swivel, recline and recline tension adjustment
  • Choose independent massage zones
  • Soothing heat treatment in the lumbar region
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Color: Brown and Black

  • Comfortable.
  • Great customer support.
  • The massage and heat controls work well.

  • Assembly can be difficult.

#EARTHLITE Vortex Portable Massage Chair

This massage chair comes with different colors like black, amethyst, latte, burgundy, mystic blue, teal, sterling and vanilla cream. The amazing thing about this entire package is that this is the manual massage chair in a category where mechanical ones usually reign supreme. 

This puts it in different territory among its equals, and for the very good reason. Weighing is 15 pounds, probably the lighted chair on the market.

The dual-density quality upholstery will provide the highest comfort to your clients while being incredibly durable. There are many adjustments that can be made to accommodate all size of the user. It comes with 3 years warranty on cushions and upholstery. The frame has a full lifetime warranty.

It comes with the rugged nylon carry case with padded shoulder strap and sternum pad.EARTHLITE Vortex Portable Massage Chair

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  • Complete portable massage chair package
  • Armrest and seat adjustments to accommodate all user sizes
  • This chair is comfort and durability, supported by aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Chair only weighs 15lbs
  • It folds easily
  • Available in different colors like black, amethyst, latte, burgundy, mystic blue, teal, sterling and vanilla cream

  • Works Great.
  • Sturdy and comfortable.
  • Great quality.

  • Not suitable for a short person.

#Flash Furniture Massaging Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base 

For relaxing massage at home or office, this is one of the great affordable options is flash furniture massaging chair.  It is a set of massage recliner and ottoman that offer massaging power.

The vibrations of the chair knead your full body, starting from the lumbar area and back to your legs and thighs. For each of the settings, you can choose the intensity of the mode for both the chair and the ottoman with five(5) settings to choose from.

You can simply press the button on the remote control to turn up the heat. The design of the chair is comfortable and the deep side pockets for keeping various accessories while you relaxing in the chair is a nice addition.Flash Furniture Massaging Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base

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  • Dimensions : 29.2 x 46 x 42 inches
  • Recliner and Ottoman Set
  • Double Padded Cushioned Back and Seat
  • Integrated Headrest
  • Swivel Seat
  • Knob Adjusting Recliner
  • Right Side Pocket

  • Very comfortable chair.
  • Lightweight.
  • Works great.

  • Some customers say assembly is challenging.

#Merax Power Massage Reclining Chair – Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner

This massage chair is last on the list sometimes hard to find Merax massage chair, available in a rich shade of brown. It features the lot of high tier functions; users can control particular zones during the massage to get an optimal experience.

This massage chair is made of PU leather and has 8 massage motors.  Heat is available in lumbar portion to relax the back, and there are three different strength settings associated with the massage.

All the chairs on the list, this chair has the best remote control. Not only is it comfortable, but it really puts the consumer in complete control of the type of massage they require.

The extending footrest and reclining feature make you stretch out after a long day. Weight capacity of this massage chair is 330lbs.Merax Power Massage Reclining Chair - Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner

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  • Dimensions :  36.6 (W) X 37.8 (D) X 38.6 (H) inches
  • 8 Vibration Motors
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Heating function
  • Pu leather surface
  • Padded armrests
  • Side Pocket
  •  Remote control included
  • Weight Capacity : 330lbs

  • very comfortable and relaxing.
  • Great deal for the money.
  • Works great.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Massage Chair Under 500

When you think whether to buy a massage chair or not there are different factors involved. Once the decision has been made, the circumstance to consider change, as you also need to choose which chair to buy. It is easy to get an overwhelmed by the number of brands and their models.  Finding the excellent one can be challenging, but after considering many factors, it can be done. Following is our massage chair buying guide, where we give a few tips that will help you get the best one with the most suitable features for your requirements.

Brand: There are different brands available in the market. With the mix of $500 and under products, brands become the little more important. One brand in special stands out from the rest, and that brand is Human Touch and their chair is iJoy Active 2.0. Consumers who need that top tier feel at an entry-level price can buy this model and get optimal results.

Zones: Each massage chair zone targets a particular part of the body, and is normally supported by mechanics that focus on that zone for maximum efficiency.  When a chair has zones it uses the best method likely to handle particular areas of the body, and this is considered the superior mechanical massage feature. There is the benefit of these parts not wearing out as soon since they have preset patterns and do not have to do everything across the large area.

Heating Support: Massaging chair list heating as the feature it does not mean that the entire chair supports it. Heating could be available in the single area of the chair that supports it, or in the zone, or in an included ottoman or even in the lumbar part only. Customers should check to see what portion of the chair is heated and if it corresponds to what they need. Users should always stick to products that have effective heating elements rather than one that is added as the lesser feature.

Price: All of the prices on the list are from massage chairs under $500, but the lot of them are even under $300. So there are some good prices on available products if you need value. And the likely long-term value of any of these products is huge since the cost is so low. Customers who have never bought a massage chair will have fun deciding between all of these products. At these prices, consumers could buy two low-cost massage chairs and make them the central portion of their room theme. The buying decisions are really that great, and the market will remain to grow.


There are several health benefits that full body massage chairs bring to the person, from decreasing pain to stress relief. Picking the best massage chair for the money, you will have all these choices that you can adjust to achieve comfortable relaxation. All these models of Best Massage Chair Under 500 have the highest ratings and demand on the market, as well as the best combination of price, value, and functionality.

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