Top 10 Best White Christmas Trees 2019 Reviews

Top 10 Best White Christmas Trees 2019. Holiday decorations can bring a joyful atmosphere to your home during the Christmas period. One of the most iconic holiday decorations is the Christmas tree. Many people like white Christmas trees because of esthetics and other obvious reasons. These days, it is becoming more and more normal to buy an artificial Christmas tree. With variables including type, height, and even decorative styles, the choices are endless.

Before buying, size should be a big factor to consider.  The regular tree runs between seven to seven-and-half feet tall, but be convinced to find one that complements your space. As you are going to see, most of the white Christmas trees are not as costly as you might think. Let’s welcome this review about the best white Christmas trees. See our recommendations Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees, Best Artificial Christmas Trees, and Best Flocked Christmas Trees.

Best Seller Products

Bestseller No. 1
Besthls 7 FT Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree Holiday Decoration with Metal Stand and 1000 Branch Tips,White
Eco-friendly Material- Our christmas tree are made from high quality PVC material,1000 tips branches are designed and staggered beautifully , easy to spread and easy to position, which make decorating this tree easy and looks more real and more full.
Bestseller No. 2
KI Store Artificial White Christmas Tree with Ornaments and Lights Blue and White Christmas Decorations Including 6 Feet Full Christmas Tree, 135pcs Ornaments, 2pcs 39ft USB Mini LED String Lights
KI Store Artificial Christmas Tree with Decoration Ornaments. We offer prime quality artificial tree with plenty of ornaments to make you decorating task much easier. You can spend more time with your families instead of rushing to buy tons of decorations. Elegant blue and white Christmas tree theme is sure to add holiday spirit to your house. Ideal for commercial place decoration, office, and other business places as well.
Bestseller No. 3
GOJOOASIS Artificial Christmas Tree Premium Spruce Hinged with Metal Stand Green (6 ft White)
Aesthetic Design - Extra heights, wider width and shorter ground clearance make Christmas tree looks more fresh and life like.
SaleBestseller No. 4
National Tree 7.5 Foot White Dunhill Fir Christmas Tree, Hinged with 750 Clear Lights (DUWH-75LO)
Measures 7.5 ft. Tall, 59" Diameter
$479.99 −$256.43 $223.56
Bestseller No. 5
Best Choice Products 6ft Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree Holiday Decoration w/Metal Stand, 1,000 Tips, Easy Assembly, White
ATTENTION: ONLY purchase from Best Choice Products to ensure that you're buying the advertised product. Other sellers on this listing will provide an inferior quality product.
SaleBestseller No. 6
National Tree 7 Foot North Valley White Spruce Tree with Glitter and 550 Clear Lights, Hinged (NRVW7-302-70)
Measures 7 ft. tall, 47" inch diameter with 1,096 branch tips decorated with glittered branches
$319.99 −$167.78 $152.21
SaleBestseller No. 7
National Tree 7 Foot Kingswood White Fir Pencil Tree with 300 Clear Lights, Hinged (KWW7-300-70)
Measures 7 ft. tall, 29" inch diameter
$219.99 −$110.00 $109.99
SaleBestseller No. 8
Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree Xmas Pine Tree with Solid Metal Legs Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Holiday Decoration (White, 5 FT)
Eco-friendly Material - The blades of our christmas tree are made from high quality PVC material, which not only makes the tree looks more real and more full, but also add the anti-crush capacity to the tree.
$49.98 −$19.99 $29.99
Bestseller No. 9
La fete 7 FT Unlit White Artificial Christmas Tree, Premium Pine Xmas Tree with Metal Stand Easy Assembly, Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Holiday Decoration
【White Romance】 - Wow, A romantic gathering! You can dress up a white Christmas tree with your family and friends. It is so beautiful and pure that it gives us a more winter feelings.This snow dusted tree comes with a metal base to make a solid which to place your lovely Christmas presents. This gorgeous, full-bodied faux-pine stays bright and lively for years to come.
Bestseller No. 10
7.5ft White Flocked Artificial Christmas Pine Tree w/Metal Stand 1,400 Tips and 600 Led Clear Wire Lamp Strings
7.5FT FLOCKED TREE:The lamp string needs to be wound by yourself, and DIY's winding mode will let you change the lighting at will. The flocked leaves after snowing build a picturesque winter environment, promoting this 7.5-foot Christmas tree a highlight of on any vacation.

Best White Christmas Trees

Below is the list of 10 Best White Christmas Trees to buy in 2019.

#HOLIDAY STUFF White Flocked Christmas Tree

This white Christmas tree from HOLIDAY STUFF is 5 feet in terms of height and bottom width 30’’ diameter. It comes with 496 tips. It is covered and surrounded by pure white snow.

It is pre-lit and about 180 bright cool white-colored LED. This white flocked Christmas tree is made of eco-friendly material.It comes in 3 sections.

It comes with a metal stand that you may love this white Christmas tree.

HOLIDAY STUFF Wonderland Spirit Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree pre-lit with Cool White LED Lights (7ft)


  • 496 tips
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Pre-lit with 180 bright cool white LED
  • Hinged Construction
  • Energy-efficient white LED lights

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Beautiful.
  • Energy-efficient.

#14″ Retro Prelit Ceramic Tabletop White Christmas Tree

If you want to bring holiday charm this Christmas time, then Retro Prelit Ceramic Table Top Christmas Tree is great choice for you. This White Ceramic Tree is crafted and handpainted with white glaze glowing sort of colorful lights.

Its design is inspired and taken from the tabletop tree. It has plastic bulbs attached to it which are removable. You can use any kind of 15 watt bulb for illuminating job. This is a UL listed white Christmas tree for indoor use, so do buy it.

This white christmas tree comes with an electric socket, 6-ft. long cord and polarized plug.

14' Retro Prelit Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree With 52 Multicolored Lights (White)


  • 12 1/4″ high x 9″ dia
  • Tabletop tree design
  • Handpainted white colorful lights
  • Plastic bulbs
  • UL listed for indoor use
  • Electric socket

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Beautiful.
  • Energy-efficient.

#7’6″ PRE-LIT FLOCKED Artificial White Christmas Tree

Fine Expectations makes the idea of innovative decoration into practice to provide you with a unique style of celebrations. Using an advanced microchip technology involved in the lighting system, it gives a unique way to brighten up the party.

The design features a strong base stand and branches too are incredibly strong. It is easily foldable into a compact design. It comes with the zippered bag for ample storage during transportation.

This flocked tree features layered branches design which looks classy and enhances the celebration moods of Christmas.PRE LIT FLOCKED BAVARIAN PINE, Artificial White Christmas Tree

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  •  7’6’’ tall and 54” wide
  • 1,300 tree tips accurately mimic the natural Bavarian Pine
  • Easily foldable
  • Branches are incredibly strong
  • 30-day unconditional money back guarantee

  • Easy set-up.
  • Looks good.
  • Warm white lights.
  • Well-made tree.

#Homegear 6FT Deluxe 700 Tip Artificial White Xmas/Christmas Tree

Homegear Alpine Artificial Christmas Tree is a superb traditional ChristmasTree for all that festive cheer at an outstanding value for money price. Coming in at 6ft tall, a strong stand is included and the tree comes in the wrapped style and easy to put together.

Homegear has taken the time to craft every Christmas tree with 700 unique tips to create a realistic shape.Homegear 6FT Deluxe 700 Tip Artificial White Christmas Tree

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  • Height: 6ft. Width: 3.29ft
  • Needle:PVC
  • Plastic Feet stand
  • Tips: 700
  • Weight: 11lbs
  • Decorations not included

  • Great tree.
  • Beautiful and perfect size.
  • Easy to put up.

#National Tree 7.5 Foot Dunhill White Christmas Tree

Nation tree white Christmas tree is among the broadly used trees for a variety of events. It is designed in a way that the branches are connected to the center of the pole.

The metallic construction features a rust-free coating.  The string features bulb lock which guards the bulbs from falling off. If an individual(one) bulb burns out, the others remain lit.

It is completely fireproof and all the materials used in the construction are non-allergenic. It comes in a package and includes spare fuses and bulbs.National Tree 7.5 Foot Dunhill White Christmas Tree

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  •  7.5 ft. tall with 59″ diameter
  • Pre-strung with 750 UL listed clear lights
  • 2514 branch tips
  • Folding metal tree stand
  • BULB-LOCK to keep bulbs from falling out
  • 1-year tree warranty and 2-year lights warranty.

  • High-quality tree.
  • Great looking.

#BenefitUSA Classic Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

This tree is innovatively designed and shares all desirable qualities of a classic pine tree. This stylish design enhances easy storage and set up. It features the foldable design with easy to remove parts.

What’s more, this Christmas tree features the steel stand which stability to allow you to place it easily on any platform. The design features the special PVC material which is resistant to UV damage and corrosion.

The branches are also foldable.  It is a perfect ornamental piece to use indoors and outdoors. BenefitUSA Classic Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

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  • Dimensions : 42 x 8 x 9 inches
  • Leaf width:2.76″ + 2.76″
  • Number of Tips: 450pcs, 750pcs, 1000pcs, 1200pcs.
  • PVC material
  • Easy to set up and storage
  • Color: White and Green

  • Beautiful.
  • Good for the price.
  • Easy to put up.

#National Tree Dunhill White Fir Tree 7.5 foot

This Christmas surpasses all the others due to the simplicity and functionality it offers. All metal construction which maintains stability and sturdiness.

The allergic resistant design guarantees safe handling by all people. The hinged construction is better for those people who love traveling new places and holding some celebrations there.

It is completely fireproof.  This tree is ideal for indoor and outdoor decorations.National Tree Dunhill White Fir Tree 7.5 foot

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  • Dimensions : 42 x 8 x 9 inches
  • Measures 7.5 ft. Tall, 59″ Diameter
  • 2514 branch tips
  • All metal construction
  • Fire resistant
  • Non-allergenic

  • The beautiful distinctive tree.
  • Good quality.

#Vickerman Unlit Sparkle Spruce Pencil White Artificial Christmas Tree

Vickerman spruce pencil Christmas tree boasts an innovative design that combines stability and beauty to give you the best Christmas Eve.  It features the best lighting systems.

The dual lit technology assures that when one light fails connection, the others remain on. It also features a true UV technology which makes it 100 % resistant to fading.Vickerman Unlit Sparkle Spruce Pencil White Artificial Christmas Tree

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  • Dimensions : 17 x 17 x 36 inches
  • 787 PVC tips
  • Durable LED technology
  • Utilizes energy-efficient
  • 3 year light and 10 year construction warranty
  • Color : Multi-colored LED light, Unlit, Warm light led light

  • Beautiful.
  • Great tall tree.
  • Sturdy Tree.

7-Feet Perfect Holiday White Christmas Tree 

This Christmas tree is perfect holidays looks beautiful to everyone and simple to set up. This tree is windproof, and you can use it outdoors. It is made of durable PVC and strong stand.

The retractable stand and hinged branches which make simple to put up and bring down. The hinged design is also beautiful and unique compared to other White Christmas tree in the current market. 7-Feet Perfect Holiday White Christmas Tree

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  • Dimensions :42 x 42 x 84 inches
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Built with hinged branches
  • 855 PVC tips
  • Heavy duty metal stand

  • Pretty tree.
  • Big and fluffy.

#Goplus 6 feet Artificial Christmas Tree – Best Indoor Outdoor Holiday Decoration

This Christmas tree is the ideal choice for outdoor and indoor using. It is made from high-quality PVC material, which not only makes the tree looks real and full.

The entire design boasts a high level of anti-crush capacity. This tree uses metal stand instead of a cheap plastic stand.

PVC material enhanced the waterproofness and metal stand to help the tree stay straight in the wind.Goplus 6 feet Artificial Christmas Tree - Best Indoor Outdoor Holiday Decoration

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  • Material of Branch: PVC
  • Number Of Tips: 650 Tips
  • Material of stand: Metal
  • Weight: about 6.4 Lbs
  • Durable stand
  • Perfect for indoor and outside decoration

  • Great tree for the price.
  • Tall.
  • Space-saving.


Christmas trees are the most popular and choosing the best has always seemed like picking the grain of sand in a desert. Your choice may be determined by some factors. These Christmas trees can be used year after year, and most of the trees available are designed to seem like live trees. However, putting all your considerations constant, our top 8 selection is the best for you. All of them are beautiful, colorful, durable and portable and possess all the best qualities.

Many come with the lights already on them which helps save time and effort when you are setting up your tree. Some have joined(hinged) branches which also adds to the ease of assembly. So, they are the Top 10 Best White Christmas Trees 2019 reviews.

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